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Blood Red Road by Moira Young
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Sep 12, 12

it was ok
bookshelves: canadian-lit, cinematic, hackosaurids, curiousity-killed-the-bananas, dystopian
Read from August 11 to September 10, 2012

The criticism "derivative" was designed for this schlockfest. Fun first person, which delivers it from one star hell, but when the whole book is derived from the lives of Han Solo, Princess Leia and Lando Calrissian from the Trilogy and the canon books, no one can argue that this book isn't derivitive in the extreme.

"You're full of shit, Brad!"

Really?! Fuck you! I am full of knowingness you heathen! Look and learn:
Sarlac moment with crazy lake worms. ✓

Ike as Chewbacca/Lando. ✓

Jack and Saba as Han and Leia. ✓

Saba and Lugh as Leia and Luke (yep, they're twins with benefits). ✓

Han and Bria (Han's first love from the Crispon trilogy) fighting drug creating, religion creating bad-asses. ✓

Belligerent chick (Saba/Leia) tames charming scoundrel (Jack/Han). ✓

Lando/Ike smacking down Han/Jack. ✓

Evil bad-asses forming their own little Empire. ✓

Tontons to ride on Hoth turned into Sith like religious kooks named ... yep ... Tontons. ✓
Then add a little Mad Max, a little Hunger Games, a little The Road, and suddenly you've got a property that folks want to buy. Whoooooopppppeeee!!!!

In the plus category, as a longtime Albertan, the fact that you can trace the action from the Kanaskis to the plains to Drumheller (without the lovely Canadian author ever mentioning those names) is pretty cool.

Even so -- a waste of fucking time. The film version will be vastly better.

p.s. Everytime Saba talks about slipping into the Red Hot before she goes on a murderous, violent rampage, I can't help thinking of spicy sausage.
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message 3: by Willow (last edited Sep 12, 2012 08:08PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Willow ROFL I must admit, I never made the Star Wars connection. For some reason though, I kept thinking of Time Bandits. Maybe it was that contraption the bad guys show up in on the sandsea . After that, I kept thinking of the bad guy as being like Evil. The book has that same kind of unreal whacky kind of logic without the sense of humor.

message 2: by Traveller (last edited Sep 12, 2012 05:09AM) (new)

Traveller Thanks for the warning. For some reason i have this book. I can't for the life of me remember why. :(

Now your review makes the situation even more puzzling...

Anyway, well spotted with the Star Wars parallels.

Kelly H. (Maybedog) But you listed all the things about Star Wars that I liked. Oh wait, I liked them in Star Wars...

"Saba and Lugh as Leia and Luke (yep, they're twins with benefits).


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