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The Year of Pleasures by Elizabeth Berg
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May 06, 2011

it was ok

Very disappointing -not the usual realistic, authentic writing that one normally enjoys from Elizabeth Berg. Betta Nolan is a grieving widow who moves to a small town because she promised her dying husband - who by all accounts seems to have been a saint from her description of him. She struggles to come to terms with his death as they were insanely in love (bearing in mind they are both middle-aged). Conveniently, a number of characters enter her life - a perfectly well behaved 10 year old boy who lives next door and who does not mind spending time with someone who could be his grandmother. Then there's Matthew,a young man who against all odds also befriends Betta. The story is disjointed and unrealistic. Who, in the real world re-connects with college room-mates 30 or so years after losing touch and carries on with the friendship as if nothing has changed? Less than a year after moving Betta embarks on her new life with a promising career and fabulous girl friends in between the crying bouts, still distraught over the death of her soul mate.The second star is because I liked her previous books.
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message 1: by Judy (new)

Judy Mann Couldn't agree more. I kept thinking..."What happened??" She's usually a GOOD writer. This dead husband.. when he rushes out to buy the class fatso 2 yellow roses??That's when I said- that's it. I'm out of here.
Or when she barges in- in the middle of the night to sleep in Matt's extra room.
Like tell me another. She just didn't really know any of her characters. She shouldn't have published it. Brought her standards way way down . I agree with you.100%.

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