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Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion
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May 03, 2011

really liked it
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Read on May 02, 2011

Let me preface this review by saying that I do not have warm, fuzzy feelings where zombies are concerned. In fact, I have the opposite of warm and fuzzy feelings. So I surprised myself by agreeing to review this book. I’d rather not probe too deeply into the reasons for my agreement lest I find that the dislike is just denial for my love of the rotting creatures so let’s move on to exploring in some detail my reaction to Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion.

Because I dislike zombies so much, I started this novel fearfully, totally expecting to be grossed out. And I was. I totally was. BUT – and this comes as a surprise – I was also immediately intrigued by the premise, by the beginning of the novel. I don’t know about you but whenever I have the misfortune to see zombies on TV, they always seem to showcase what happens to people when the humanity is stripped off them. When their souls are gone and they remain mindless drones with no thought except to feed their endless hunger. Isaac Marion’s novel surprised me by returning the humanity to zombies. Yes, you read right. He made zombies seem like people. Albeit dead people who do not sparkle no matter how much they go into the sun but still people.

The main character, R, is one of the most compelling protagonists I have read in a very long time. There is this sincerity about him that invites you to step into his world and look at life (or the lack of it) from his perspective. And as Marion continues his mission to humanize zombies, the readers get to explore and wonder about the true meaning of being human. The importance of names, the importance of words, the importance of communication – these are some of the themes Marion delves into.

Warm Bodies is technically a dystopian novel. It creates a world where humans die and come back as zombies. The dwindling living populations have been forced into forts that have been created from the remains of a civilization that is now part of a bloody history. Amongst the zombies and the Living, there are R and Julie, two people (okay fine, one person and one zombie) who do not buy into the status quo, who question the way things are and who are drawn to each other despite all the odds that should tear them apart. Julie is a beautiful character. She is portrayed through R’s eyes and he sees as her the culmination of everything good in their dying world.

I must also mention Marion’s writing, which is in one word, fantastic. I am not just saying that. I fancy myself a connoisseur of beautiful prose and trust me guys, Mr. Marion writes beautiful. R’s introverted thoughts are beautifully articulated and this one particular description made me catch my breath:

“I stand over the record, cutting and pasting the contents of my heart into an airborne collage” (Marion 57).

The prose is full of gems like that. In conclusion, Warm Bodies is an original story that takes an unlikely protagonist, gives him a soul and a thirst for more than what is written for him. It is a journey through a world that has been destroyed and realizing that things do not end until you let them. Warm Bodies asks some difficult and uncomfortable questions about the direction that modern human society is traveling in and queries whether we are prepared for the consequences of ours actions. Most importantly though, Warm Bodies is a story that shows that love (yes, love, stop gagging) can triumph even in the unlikeliest of places and with the unlikeliest of people. I really do recommend it all of you who like beautiful writing and a good story.
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Cindy You read so fast...

Nafiza Cinnamon wrote: "You read so fast..."

Monstrously so, eh? But this really was good. I was surprised! Considering how much I do not like zombies.

Cindy Has this changed your opinion of them? :D
The synopsis interests me, mainly because most of the zombies I've read are just monsters that should be vanquished... I'm not used to zombies falling in love.

Nafiza No, I still dislike zombies. But this book presented them as something different. Still ewwie but... you'll find out when you read it. Haha.

Cindy Haha... Umm is there a lot of graphic camnabaliam? There's another zombie book I currently possess that has some ugh -.-

Nafiza Cinnamon wrote: "Haha... Umm is there a lot of graphic camnabaliam? There's another zombie book I currently possess that has some ugh -.-"

Yeeees. There is. And it's gross but it is still weirdly compelling.

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