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Bite Here by Stormy Glenn
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** spoiler alert ** 1 stars for Pure, Hot Sin by H.C. Brown

Ashrin said that rape and murder are punishable by death.
But he used his glamour to make Leo pliant and compilant.
Leo accept what Ashrin do to him.
Even without his glamour, it's obvious that Leo would had say yes to him.
But the fact that he used it on him, well, that's a form of rape.
He didn't have his free will.

Can Ashrin stop making patronizing comment about 'nomags'?
He only view Leo as a thing, not as a intelligent being with feeling.

And why Leo forgived the lies?

Second story by this writer that I read and don't like.

genre-other-world, genre-fantasy, romance-mm, sexcontent-light-ds, sexcontent-mm, sexcontent-mmm, species-mythical-creatures, species-shifters-feline, theme-interspecies, theme-parapower.

3 stars for The Vampire's Assistant by Stormy Glenn

Cute, not complicated and guilty-pleasure.

genre-contemporain, genre-fantasy, profession-white-collar-businessman, romance-mm, sexcontent-mm, species-vampires, theme-interspecies.

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