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The Invasion by Katherine Applegate
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's review
May 02, 11

Read in February, 2011 — I own a copy

Jake's Review: Mom this is so totally awesome! The cover is really cool and I would beg you to buy it for me just cuz the cover is so wicked. Can I stay up a bit later and start reading the next one (Mom's note: nice try, I give you A for effort on that one, now get your butt to bed now mister!) This book is good because it has a lot of gross stuff in it that will make Mom make faces. The story is really exciting and there is a lot of funny stuff in it. I really like the character of Mario because he is a cool silver-back gorilla and he is really funny (mom's note: um, not sure I want to read this one) I think my friends would like it if it was a video game, since they do not like to read. I really want to read more of the series so I can find out what happens next. I think it will make me a stronger reader -- so can I keep reading tonight (Mom's note: nice -- you really are getting creative tonight --now bed)

Jake's Rating: 11/10

Mom's Review: This was much better than I expected. A lot of these types of series usually don't appeal to me, but I still cheer for them because they get boys reading. However, I found myself enjoying it. I think it reminded me a little of a cross between the X-files and V at times. An intriguing start to a series that I can see why the young boys like it. Lots of excitement, evil authority figures and gross stuff - nothing better to a young boy. Ok, Mom thought it was pretty cool too. I look forward to seeing what happens to the kids as the series progresses. As a mom I was thinking wow that is quite a lot of responsibility and the premise is way too scary for the targeted age -- but even Jake (who gets scared quite easily) was cool with it. Awesome, I wonder when I can get him to watch The X-Files and the cheesy original V (Even-though the effects and acting are better in the remake, I just cannot get into it) Now Jake finish reading the 2nd story so mommy can read it

Mom's Rating:8/10

We received this from Scholastic in exchange for an honest review

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