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Ice Queen by Joey W. Hill
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May 01, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: mistress-rules, bonded-love, sex-scenes-r-us
Read in May, 2011

** spoiler alert ** 1) the BDSM community probably had bonfires for this book over it's portrayal of irresponsible and narcissistic Dom behavior

2)This book has a serious beatdown near the end. So, if violence bothers you, BDSM with intent to punish, and not in a good way, freaks you out- skip this book! Oh and someone requests and receives an extreme service. It might sicken those who are faint of stomach. I enjoyed both, but only because of the fascinating context Ms. Hill created.

3) I have never seen such out of control characters as these two. And it's all Tyler's fault! (Stupid name; a young man's name, not for an international man of mystery who had killed seven times in the line of duty). Who would feel safe with these two? Add in Tamara and Kiera,from the book Natural Law and something is wrong with the Dominas at this club!
4)I was ready to cry "chado" at the amount of description of tea ceremony and trivia in this book. Those who are into this must have been ecstatic to find a heroine with a devotion like their own. For the rest of us-all that could have been shaved down to at least half.
5) some of the dialogue was ridiculous. The characters were all over the place
6) But I had no problems with the beat down at the end- he fucking deserved it.He entrapped her. What a liar and a sneak! Yeah I winced through reading it; it was very RAW. But I also liked it. I was OK with her switch. It made sense. I guess the scene was necessary to show the role she needed to play with him and make us believe it. But you don't screw with people's heads, esp very broken people when you have declined to find out why and how they are broken. So while in my real life, such behavior on M's part would appall me, I liked it quite a bit here. He was so intrusive at times! I mean what southern gentleman says " So, who broke your jaw?" after knowing you for 15 minutes. I get what Ms. Hill was trying to do , but she did it in such a way that it compromised the integrity of the character.
6) Despite all the above, I really liked this story. Great main character, interesting- the tortured artist, more or less. Loved the descriptions of her sub sessions. Loved M's characterization- so compelling with the subs. I loved when she acted with dignity, or was in charge at her store. There was some great dialogue here, esp with the young girls at the bday party.

The sex was hot, tho I dislike Male Dom sex. Tyler was generally tender and kind, but then he'd violate their agreement at every turn as if he had no restraint. I was disappointed in him, where I had really respected him in the last book. He just couldn't wait, had to have her then, even though it put her psyche at risk. Boo!
7) AND I was shocked I had to buy Part II! I was like, "where is the rest of the book??" So I must have really liked it, because i couldn't wait to buy the sequel.
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