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Kiss Me Forever by Rosemary Laurey
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May 10, 2011

liked it
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I finished it up after a few nightly reads. It's a good premise, some interesting Vamp lore going on. I feel these vamps are more along the lines of Lyndsay Sands's Agenteau vamps but less funny, more mystery. The mystery part was okay, I did hope that there woudl be more magic/wicca stuff but the witches really are just kinda looney and dopey and don't really *do* anything but be mean like regular humans save for a few herbal poisioning attempts.

I liked Dixie but honestly I can't tell if this is a British writer writing Americans or an American trying to be British. I think it's the first since I live in the south and Dixie only used y'all once in the entire book. She spoke more british than anything else.

There is also an enormous amount of exclaimation points!

While it's easier to identify books with similar titles as a series, it can confuse the hell out of readers. Take in point me and my ebook. I have all 5 books downloaded and am 70 pages into KEEP me forever before Irealized I might have the wrong book and that might be why I was so damn confused. I will now start on KISS me forever and hope the spoliers I read in the other don't ruin it too much. 5/6/11


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