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The Company Articles of Edward Teach/The Angaelien Apocalypse by Thoraiya Dyer
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May 03, 2011

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bookshelves: spec-fiction, 2011
Read from April 30 to May 02, 2011

One book, two stories. The first, for which the book is named, concerns two teens, unknown to each other, who are transported from a fancy dress shop back to the time of Blackbeard. Whether they can make it back to the future remains to be seen. While pirate stories aren't my thing, I did enjoy this. It's tight and well-written.

The second story, the reason I bought this book: Angaelien Apocolypse, turned out to be somewhat less impressive. Although confusing, it started well. The little grey guys with the big eyes have returned to earth and they're none other than the angels of biblical fame. Given that biblical texts are full of stranger beings than the Twilight saga, I'm partial to the idea that all things heavenly are really aliens messing with us. Given that we're on the crux of creating human life ourselves, is it such a stretch to imagine that a far more advanced race did just this by creating Adam and Eve and plonking them on Earth? Wouldn't we humans be tempted to do the same if for no other reason than we could? Anyway, where Angaelien Apocolypse lost me was towards the end of the story when it turned into a soap opera. The author, whose name I can't even recall, went way too far with his far from original idea borrowed from the biblical Watchers (angels who bred with human women). Pardon the spoiler here, but I'm sure a technologically advanced race would have other methods of borrowing / stealing human DNA and blending it with their own without needing to knock up a human woman.


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