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The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss
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Apr 30, 2011

it was amazing
Read in April, 2011

So I came to this one really late and the only good thing about that I can say is that at least now the second one is out for me to read. Tremendously professional style and voice in a matrioshka box of stories. The main character is exceptionally well developed and despite his tremendous abilities is still riddled with the flaws that will bring him down. As for world building, it's a rich tapestry that is only touched on in terms of this first book. Plenty of history and background to add depth to the landscape. Name of the Wind has an interesting style choice in that by the nature of the book it is written in several viewpoints. There is an omniscient viewpoint that serves as an introduction and closure. A third person viewpoint that chronicles the events in current time and finally the bulk of the story is Kvothe recounting his tale in first person. While these changes might have proved awkward, instead they nicely frame the central story of Kvothe's life. The magic in the story is exceptionally well thought out and stems from both sympathetic tradtional magic and a realistic scientific approach to the real world that can be effected by magic. Outside of these two concepts is naming and while it bears a closer resemblance to the undefined magic=action, Rothfuss is only beginning to work with the concept in terms of the the characters abilities by the end of this first book. Yes, this is the first book of three and that is important because Name of the Wind does come to an halt that perhaps feels natural to the narrator but leaves you as the reader wanting more. There is a main event in Kvothe's young life that is mentioned repeatedly which does not occur before the end of this book- which makes it a direct hook to Wise Man's Fear. As readers, we can only hope that Mr. Rothfuss or his publisher won't make us wait quite as long as the last time for the final book.

PS: at 700+ pages, I whipped through this one in about 3 days, it really does read that fast.

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