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Stolen by Kelley Armstrong
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May 27, 11

Read from April 29 to May 27, 2011

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05/26/2011 page 342

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Dawn Yay! I love that book, hope you enjoy it too!

Betsy Hillendahl I'm in-between reading that and glimmerglass but was for the Kelly Armstrong series I like clay but I love Jeremy and I want to know more about him...will I learn about him more in the series?

Dawn I'm a big Jeremy fan too! I can never decide who I love more! Yes you learn a lot more about Jeremy later in the series and there is a companion book called Men of the Otherworld that in my opinion is a must read! You could even read it as soon as the end of stolen and not spoil anything as long as you don't read the very last story of the book.

Betsy Hillendahl Ok cool thanks...yeah I think Jeremy is very sexy! I need to update my book list I have more to-reads to add haha

Dawn Always more books to read. Wish I had more time!

Betsy Hillendahl That I really don't have bc studying for finals but they still pile up haha...u still working on the faefever series?

Dawn I am! Really enjoying them but I've been so busy, no real time to read. Good luck with your finals!

Betsy Hillendahl Thanks...I love that fae series...gotta love barrons he is def all types of sexy...and Christian don't remember of he's been introduced yet...if u get a chance u should read her highlands series...a great series by her.

Dawn I will look in to the Highlander series for sure!

Betsy Hillendahl There is a little bit of a correlation between some of the characters...not Mac or Barrons, but a little bit of name drops...but def. a sexy series

message 11: by Dawn (new) - rated it 5 stars

Dawn I was just looking them up on here :) I have so many unfinished series I'm reading right now (still only on the 6th BDB book for example) that I really need to work on them first but Highlander will def go on my list for after I catch up with the others!

Betsy Hillendahl ooooo I love BDB...I've read all the books in the series and both of them are should finish up the BDB and then start on the highlander...Oh man you will love Rhevenges book...He is totally my favorite of the series with his sexy amethyst eyes...mmmmm...i got amethyst contacts because of his character's so sad that I totally fall in love with book characters haha

message 13: by Dawn (new) - rated it 5 stars

Dawn Haha not sad... Its dedication!! I do miss the brothers that's for sure, I think I'll be reading one of their books very soon. I'm almost done with Faefever and I think I'm going to read Counterfiet Magic by Kelley Armstrong next. It's a novella so it won't take long, plus I paid 45 stinking dollars for the thing 5 months ago and still haven't read it!!

Betsy Hillendahl wow that's dedication to pay 45 dollars for a book haha

message 15: by Dawn (new) - rated it 5 stars

Dawn Haha yes it is! It's a signed and numbered book, not that that really makes it any better lol!

Betsy Hillendahl i paid 30 for a signed Sherryilyn Kenyon book, bc she never comes this way and I wanted a signed book...i also just bought a signed copy of Bite Club from Rachel Caine as soon as she does a book signing out in North Texas!!! I can't wait for that book to come out...she said some crazy things are fixing to happen with one of my favorite characters in that book when i went to her book signing last year

message 17: by Dawn (new) - rated it 5 stars

Dawn I love Rachel Caine! I still haven't read Ghost Town because I was waiting for the matching paperback to the rest of the series but the paperback that came out a couple weeks ago still isn't the right one :( I'm moving to Texas in the near future, I hope I can catch her signing somewhere close by!

Betsy Hillendahl She is coming here on May 21st, but that is the day I graduate and I am soooooooooo sad...she is sooooo nice and such a sweet lady...I'm a huge fan of Shane and Myrnin...they are so funny and crack me up...what part of Texas are you moving to?

message 19: by Dawn (new) - rated it 5 stars

Dawn I love those two too!! I'm going to be living in El Paso. Not where I want to live in Texas :( (I love San Antonio) but my husbands job is taking us there. Either way I am looking forward to the sunshine and warmth that The Seattle area is missing lol!

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