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Shadow Fox by Ashley J. Barnard
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Apr 29, 2011

it was amazing
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4½ Stars - For this book—Shadow Fox—the blurb sounded intriguing, to the point where I could hardly wait to read it. Unfortunately life stepped in and I didn’t get to it as soon as I had wanted but now that I’ve finished it... hoo boy! The story? Well, once I got into it, it was nigh on addictive and the further I read the more addictive it became.
I somehow missed the bit where it says that Shadow Fox is the first volume of a completed trilogy because, while the ending to this story is satisfying—or as satisfying as the ending in the first of three books can be—I know that there is a LOT more to come.
Um, can you say impatient?? *sigh* I don’t do patience very well.

Anyway, Ashley J. Barnard has definitely got a fan... and one who really wants to know how everything is going to turn out for Jared.
So much of his life in this first book is dark and very nearly depressing. Angst can’t even begin to describe the feel of it because that at least implies, to me anyways, some energy. Poor Jared; his life is one big question mark and even when he starts to be able to put some pieces together he’s still left on his own and out in the cold. How he survived I’ll never know.
But lest you be put off by all this, let me assure you that things will get much, much better...but they’re going to get pretty awful too.

Tortured heroes aren’t usually my thing, but Jared is much, much more than a tortured hero; he’s a man with strength beyond comprehension and there is something, somewhere that seems to be looking out for him.
And yes, even though I have many, many questions I’m also very sure that at the end of the trilogy I’ll not only have all the answers but an ending that is going to blow the roof off... and I can hardly wait!

There is a lot of background—especially in Jared’s life—that we have to go through and it does take some time. At just over 300 pages you’re not going to race through this story, but even though it may seem that you’ll never get past ‘this part’ or ‘that part’ believe me, before you know it things will come together. From that point on you better hold onto your hat because the ride not only gets bumpy but it speeds along like you’d not believe. Believe it!

While it did seem that at times there was too much explanation, too much back story, by the time things began to gel I realised that, indeed, Ashley J. Barnard knew exactly what she was doing. And I was sincerely glad for the amount of information we’d been given... it sure make things a lot easier to understand at the end. And really, you *could* call this book ‘the end’ but it’s obvious that there is much more to come and I, frankly, don’t want to miss a word.

So if you are into sagas where there is a world of development and action; if you enjoy tortured heroes; if you love getting lost in a story, to the point that re-entering your life is a bit of a challenge or if you are just plain intrigued as was I by the story summary, then you will want to get to know Jared and the people that are in, and out, of his life. And finding a new-to-me author that knows how to weave a web of magic, well that’s definitely icing on the cake!

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