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About That Night by Julie James
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Apr 29, 2011

it was amazing
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Review posted: Happily Ever After - Reads

“There are probably a lot of things bad-boy ex-cons don’t know about good-girl prosecutors.”

Smug Dimples, Prosecutrix Pierce, Meth Lab Rylann and the Twitter Terrorist (or my favorite version of this that comes up El Twitter Terrorista) are all nicknames that our hero and heroine are called during ABOUT THAT NIGHT and it’s the way these nicknames are used during the quick, witty banter that Kyle and Rylann have that drew me right in. What stood out the most as I was reading was that there’s no huge angst our couple needs to overcome. This is about two people dealing with their pasts, finding a balance in the present with their careers and figuring out a way to be together for the long haul. It’s incredibly enjoyable, and Julie James keeps hitting it just right on all levels - humor, story, sexiness - with her FBI series.

Kyle was first introduced in A LOT LIKE LOVE when we find out that not only is he Jordan’s twin, but most recently, he became the Twitter Terrorist, labeled as such by the Assistant U.S. Attorney (AUSA) handling his case at the time. There’s a chapter early on when Kyle recounts the time leading up to and right after his drunken, broken heart takes down Twitter for 48 hours. When he finds himself in Tijuana trying to drown his sorrows, he also finds himself on the news as a wanted man. He boards a plane back to the U.S to face the music and is immediately taken into custody on the plane:

…Kyle watched as two men wearing standard-issue government suits – clearly FBI agents – boarded the plane and handed over a document to the pilot.

“Yep, that would be me,” Kyle said, grabbing his backpack from underneath the seat in front of him.

The elderly Hispanic man sitting next to him lowered his voice to a whisper. “Drugs?”

“Twitter,” Kyle whispered back.

Kyle ends up in prison for a few months before the events in A LOT LIKE LOVE spring him out and now he’s a free man, needing to find a new purpose in life. He resigned from his father’s software company, but Kyle’s too intelligent and too driven to sit around wallowing in what’s happened. He takes responsibility for everything he did, he learns from it and he writes up a killer business plan for his next venture.

Rylann just moved back to Chicago after living in San Francisco with her boyfriend of three years. He up and decides that moving to Rome sounds like the direction he wants his life to go. Rylann…does not. She never felt the butterflies with Jon, but she was happy with him and a change of scenery and moving closer to her best friend Rae is the fresh start she needs. She’s the new AUSA working for Cameron Lynde (SOMETHING ABOUT YOU) and her first case involves handling the motion that frees Kyle; the same Kyle that she kissed nine years ago at college and actually felt the butterflies with. But circumstances outside their control kept them from going on their first planned date and nine years later they’re finally reunited.

After they see each other again in the court room, Rylann needs Kyle’s help, being her witness with another, unrelated case and he agrees. Their relationship doesn’t get going, and can’t, while Kyle is her witness in the case she needs his help with, but that doesn’t keep the sparks from flying. The minute the coast is clear and there are no work conflicts, they stop denying the attraction. Their scenes together are just – HOT. Kyle is one sexy man and Rylann has no trouble keeping up with him, even tormenting him as much as he does her.

With a chuckle, he stood up and pulled off his shirt. All of the rest of his clothes quickly followed, then he climbed onto her bed and stretched out, fully naked and erect. He folded his hands behind his head and watched her. “What do you plan to do with me now?”

A challenge. Rylann pushed off her elbows and stood up, undressing down to her bra and panties. Then she climbed back onto the bed and straddled him once again. “I have a few ideas.” While holding his gaze, she licked her lips.

His eyes instantly turned a deep, smoldering blue. “Counselor…I really like where you’re going with this.”

Both the leads have issues in their past and present they’re trying to work through. This is more so the case with Kyle. He’ll forever be known as the Twitter Terrorist, but he’s trying to build up a new company and move on with his life, past the one big mistake he admits to and doesn’t try to make excuses for. We get to see him hire new people and grab his first, and surprisingly perfect, new client for his new company. He’s a completely lovable hero who still has a few insecurities when it comes to relationships, considering the public and humiliating way he was dumped the last time he was with someone. But he’s willing to give it a chance again with Rylann and he puts himself out there on the line for her. He’s sexy, funny and he starts to think about what life would be like with Rylann in it permanently and he likes what he sees.

They keep their relationship secret for much of the book, Rylann is concerned about her position as AUSA and how dating the Twitter Terrorist would reflect on her office. If there’s any little bit of angst, it comes from this. She struggles with taking a chance, having always been that person with a 6-month plan, or 3 –year plan. Taking a leap into something new with Kyle takes her some time, and with one of the sweetest gestures in the whole book surrounding a flannel shirt, she makes sure Kyle knows exactly how she feels about him.

Julie James’ FBI series is one of my favorite contemporary series on the shelves. She delivers every, single, time with characters that are so easy to fall in love with and stories that are fun and fast paced. She easily brings past characters into the current book so we get little updates on them as well as having them contribute to the overall story. ABOUT THAT NIGHT is a book that all fans of contemporary romance must check out. Kyle and Rylann’s story is one I’ll be rereading again and without a doubt enjoying it just as much as I did the first time.
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message 13: by Judi (new) - rated it 4 stars

Judi I am soooooo jealous!

message 12: by Jess (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jess :) I need a WOW book...I'm hoping this is it.

Wendy Marcus Can't wait to read your review!

Anne OK First, I'm jealous - very - because you got an early peek. Second, you have increased my level of anxiousness at least another 100%! Julie James is one of my favorites and I'm always SO ready for her next book.

message 9: by Karla (new) - added it

Karla OOOH Jess, your such a tease. You lucky girl, you got to read this, I can't wait!

Jackie Insanely jealous.....

Jess AnneOK wrote: "First, I'm jealous - very - because you got an early peek. Second, you have increased my level of anxiousness at least another 100%! Julie James is one of my favorites and I'm always SO ready for..."

JJ is one my fav's too and she has does no wrong with this entire FBI series. I love it so hard and wish we got more than one book a year!

Jess Karla wrote: "OOOH Jess, your such a tease. You lucky girl, you got to read this, I can't wait!"

Should I tease some more? Kyle is sweet, sexy AND yummy. :P

Lisa (Fic Talk) Dude! So jealous. I've been waiting for Kyle aka Sawyer since book 2. :P

message 4: by MBR (new)

MBR So jealous!!! ^_^

Mimi Smith I needed to start avoiding reviews of this book, like, yesterday. Nice teaser, looking forward to the review(which I'll read, of course, because I apparently like torturing myself :D).

message 2: by Jess (last edited Jan 16, 2012 09:02AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jess Lisa wrote: "Dude! So jealous. I've been waiting for Kyle aka Sawyer since book 2. :P"

LOL Sawyer :) I really loved how JJ built his story up just enough in Jordan's book. Made the man immediately seem very interesting!

Lisa (Fic Talk) I know, right? He was such a character and I loved how Julie paved the way for him for this new book.

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