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Watch Me Die by Erica Spindler
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My God, did Watch Me Die take FOREVER to get going! Seriously, I've spent two weeks trying to get through the first few chapters while simultaneously debating whether or not I really needed to read it. I decided to slog through and was semi-rewarded with an unputdownable thriller after the first 100 pages. The overall result of Watch Me Die was it was an okay thriller. Not the best I've read, but nowhere near the worst.

Again, I say, that it was a pain for me to finish the first 100 pages and had this not been a Vine book, I probably would have put it down. With mysteries I need to be intrigued almost immediately otherwise I start to cringe and think about every other mystery I could be reading right now that would hook me in from the first page. But after those brutal 100 pages, Watch Me Die started to pick up serious steam. It picked up so much steam that I ended up finish it in one sitting (y'know after those two weeks of trying to really begin). The mystery was intriguing, but when it comes to mysteries that deal heavily with religion (not in a preachy sort of way) and/or demons, this one fell a little short. I thought there were a few authors who have done it a bit better (Tess Gerritsen and The Mephisto Club for instance) and had me more sufficiently creeped out.

I also found Watch Me Die a wee bit on the predictable side. However, I have to say that I didn't figure out the whodunit until about 100 pages before the end. I didn't know who the killer was right out of the bat, so that was good. And while I did suspect one of the side plots, the way it unraveled left me with my mouth hanging open, so that's another good thing. I also really liked most (if not all) of the characters. I give major kudos to the author for not putting the cliche characters together (y'know, the "victim/suspect/heroine" with the very handsome cop? That just screams of blatant unprofessionalism and it bothers me like you wouldn't believe).

So, all in all, I liked Watch Me Die. I didn't blow me away or anything, but it was a pretty quick read and it has me interested enough to check out Erica Spindler's other works.

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