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Demon Girl by Penelope Fletcher
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Apr 29, 11

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Let me start of by saying that this is one of the worst books I've ever read. I can describe everything I felt about Demon Girl in one word- terrible. I understand that the target audience for this book is teenage girls so there probably is some bias against the story on my part since I am a twenty eight year old guy. Therefore, to be fair with this review, I am going to put on my hypothetical English-teacher-hat and base my review on other more provable flaws with this book as much as I will my opinion of the plot to better explain why I believe this is such a horrible book.

1. Writing style- clearly nobody edited this nonsense because the whole time I was reading it I kept tripping over misspelled words, words that were repeated and (in a couple cases)sentence fragments. I don't consider myself to be the grammar and spelling police when it comes to novels (a few mistakes here and there are forgivable), however the overabundance of errors made this difficult to read in some places. I shouldn't have to reread a sentence a couple times to figure out what the author meant. The sentence fragments were unbearable but at least there were only a couple. The whole time I read this, I wanted to grab a red pen and start correcting everything and then write an "F" on the cover with a note to see me after class.

2. Plot- I noticed a problem with this book that a lot of high school students I have worked with in the past have had- the story moves so fast it leaves out too much detail and character development. The main character is outside and then a handful of pages later here comes a big life altering fact she must change her life around (i.e, not being human in this case) and then a few pages beyond that more overly rushed action. This could have been much better if the author had slowed down, developed ideas further and went more into detail with characters.

3. Diction that didn't quite fit- Maybe it's just me but the way the characters spoke didn't seem right. One second they are talking normal and the next you would think they were at a bar or something. Just because one has artistic licence to use curse words doesn't mean they should be thrown awkwardly into conversations just because they can.

4. Lack of originality- If there was a way to breed Terry Brooks' Shanara series with the Twilight Saga, then this would probably be the result. Like the Shanara books, the story takes place in a post-cataclysmic future in which magic and fantasy creatures have returned. Like the Twilight Saga, the main character is a boy crazy teenager who is caught in a love triangle with super-natural guys. Overall, I found the story to be a miserable attempt to milk the popularity of the fantasy genre.

Well, there you have it. In my own defense, I did give it one star for effort. Perhaps if her writing style becomes more refined and her ideas more original, Penelope Fletcher will present the world with something worth reading. For now we're stuck with this garbage and I find myself longing to get the hours of my life I wasted on this book back.

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Kristin I'm only 10 pages in and I completely agree with everything you said, particularly the poor grammar and sentence fragments. The synopsis sounded as if it could possibly be a decent book, but from the moment I started it I have been at a total loss as to why so many of the reviews state that this could have been a great book. Aside from the terrible grammar, the story line is all over the place. You stated it perfectly in that the story line moves too fast and leaves out significant amounts of detail. This honestly reminds me of my writing style back in high school when I had to write papers. Writing like this would never have been flown by in college.

Great detailed review Jeremy.

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