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Mercy Blade by Faith Hunter
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Apr 29, 11

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Jane Yellowrock is a rouge vampire hunter currently employed by Blood Master of the City, Leo Pellissier. He gets her involved in the politics between weres and vampires. After a party at Leo’s a were ends up dead. Jane is charged with discovering who, or what was behind it. A strange man named Girrard seems to hold the keys to what Jane is looking for.

This is not the first book in the series and there is a lot of information to take in at once. I think I would have felt different about the book if I had read the books before it. The problem was that I spent a lot of it trying to get my head around the relationships that were already built and follow a very detailed story.

I have some personal preference problems with Jane. She seems, at times, hypocritical. It was hard for me to like her. It didn’t help that she is this Skinwalker with another soul stuck inside of her. Beast or ‘her beast,’ confused me. Beast, the big cat that lives inside of Jane, is called another soul and then later an alter ego. I wasn’t sure if Beast was always a part of Jane, or acquired. I tend to like Beast far more than Jane. I always enjoyed when Beast was more in charge.

There is a lot of detail, sometimes too much detail with not enough personal flare. These parts of the book were harder to read, but when the tension is running high it turns into a page turner. The action scenes are easy to follow and she doesn’t skimp on the gore. There are a few scenes with nice sexual tension between Jane and Bruiser that are a joy to read.

Mercy Blade is an action packed mystery. Jane can sometimes come off as dense, because she doesn’t always ask the right questions. In her defense she spends a lot of the book tired and stressed out. She is a motorcycle riding, gun bearing, leather clad and God fearing supernatural woman. She is also surrounded with pretty men, which is nice. The story is detailed and a lot to take in. It wasn’t the late afternoon quick read I thought it might be. It also might have made more sense if I had started at the beginning of the series.
-Beth (Guest Reviewer)

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