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When You Went Away by Michael Baron
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Apr 28, 2011

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Not a bad novel. Not amazing, not horrible either. It's a story about a man who had everything, lost almost all of it, and is left to pick up the pieces. He makes decisions that are fairly realistic, rarely acts out of character and talks like a normal, regular person.

I think I would've liked this book better if -- and I'm sure people will disagree with me -- there had been a lot less baseball talk. I am not a baseball fan. I don't know what an inning is or I don't care about a baseball star's batting average. Michael Baron must assume we all care, because there are pages devoted to the main character's love for the Yankees. And I mean pages. I found myself just flipping for a while, just bored, waiting for something interesting to happen but nope - when Gerry is thinking baseball, that's ALL he's thinking.

I understand that it's his escape, and he is a very passionate fan, and the fact that he is a fan helps with a friendship, but still ... boring. I would've liked the book better without it.

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message 1: by Gloria (last edited May 11, 2011 03:55PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Gloria Bernal I expected that someone would complain about the detailed baseball plays. I know and love baseball but know people who don't and it didn't surprise me to read a complaint. His writing reminds me of Nicholas Sparks at times. The main character is that kind of Dad, but I personally would've liked a faster pace.

Iamthez I don't mind that he talks about baseball, but it's more the amount of details .. I get bored when I watch sports, so I don't particularly like to read it.

I can see the Nicholas Spark's resemblance. I actually recommended this book to a friend who is going through a Nicholas Spark's phase.

I liked the pace, but I can see what you're saying as well. I think it was a really good way though of showing that his own life was at such a standstill that day to day was all he could.

Gloria Bernal A lot of people complained about the baseball issue, not just you. My sons are ball players and they often use the analogy of baseball to dealing with life. Maybe that was part of his intention. I haven't yet finished it so I will have to wait and see.

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