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Pain by Adrienne Wilder
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Oct 02, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: glbt, glbt-sf-futur-fantasy-paran
Recommended to Valentina by: Mandy Beyers
Read on October 02, 2011

3.5 stars.

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Bookwatcher oohhh Val is GOOD!
and piercings... TON OF piercings!
Darwin is amazing
it's very short and I'm already buying the next one... only this book was not enough. I want MORE!

Valentina Heart I'm gonna read it for the challenge;) and the others too;)

Snowtulip val, you need to read everything at once. I'm not sure how many are in the series, but it's almost like a WIP...where one book just ends and the next starts back up. I might have waited until the series was complete, if I had known (great story so far though).

Valentina Heart So I should wait? How many will there be? I had the op. to review Lost but passed it as I haven't read the rest of them.

Snowtulip Ok, doing some digging, this was a serialized story, #8 is currently being written (I don't know how many there will be), so with this will have to suffer through anticipation like the rest of us.

So I guess you shouldn't wait, you should read...just had wanted to warn since you don't like WIP reading and this has that feel to it.

But I'm loving the story so far!

MsMiz (Tina) Yea, I am half way through #2 and I am holding off until more are written. With that said Val, you have a 3 month challenge. With how fast these have been coming out, they may all be done before the end!

Maya It is a very good idea to wait until more are written and I wish that I had. I finished the fourth book, Lost, yesterday and it ends on a HUGE cliff hanger an now I am frantic.

Valentina Heart Yeah, I'm a bitch when it comes to those. I will do my best to rate it fair, but it is also likely I will cut a star because of the level of annoyance.

I have two of them chosen for me for the challenge. Now I'm thinking I should let go of those and pick something else.

MsMiz (Tina) Val - you will be able to read all 4 at one sitting, they are not long. However, that still leaves you with a cliff if you read them now. If you wait until later in the challenge, my guess is that you will be okay.

Valentina Heart Well, your advice is always priceless so I'm going with that;) Thanks;)

Snowtulip Thanks for the info on the cliffhanger, I'm stopping at book 3 even though I have 4 waiting. Don't think I can handle the cliff hanger!

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