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Fated by Rebecca Zanetti
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Apr 27, 2011

it was ok
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Read in April, 2011

I did like how the guys were kind of hardcore (like sitting through dinner with a mortal wound, just because). I have a whole shelf dedicated to Alpha males! But for some reason, I just didn't really click with Talen (pretty Alpha name, isn't it!!?) I didn't like the use of mate at every sentence. Seriously, every single one. I don't know, it did not really come off as an endearment for me. Maybe for others, but I kept reading it as "pal" or "buddy", which is totally not cool. Not like lover, honey or something equally relationshipy.

And don't get me started on the whole let's wait around until the bad guys are close enough to kill us. Whatever happened to take them out ASAP? Really, that read like a really awful movie. Especially when you add in the main girl doing something dumb. Dumb, dumb, dumb. I wanted to scream at her need for independence. I didn't get it. It's a freaking tracking device! You're going weightlifting and you complain about the weight of a bracelet? A bracelet you know can help you! It weigh a stinking pound at most. And judging by how many plates she added to the bar (unless she was benching with a 15 pound bar, she really had no reason to complain.) I mean, she said she wanted to live but her actions told me otherwise. Tell him you don't want him hanging around your personal space, that's cool, but don't do dumb things like getting rid of things that help you or (view spoiler). You do realize the bad guys want you? Ugh, talk about super annoying. Even the person you tried to save tried to talk you out of it.

I didn't get how Cara was just all of sudden OK with talking to her daughter via web chat. Which one is it? Do you really miss your daughter or not? 5 hours is kind of acceptable, but 5 weeks is absurd! I don't care who's taking care of my baby, unless I'm in rehab, jail, or a coma I'd want to be with her. But that's just me.

The final showdown with Lorcan was kinda hohum. You're in a red rage and furious and you let the other man practically win. I comfort myself by saying that he was so mad he couldn't think straight.
I don't usually say this, but I really believe that Lorcan deserved to die. He was way too weak and bumbling to be the leader of the “monsters”. Really, you can't control your 15 year old kid, maybe top evil dude shouldn't be your job title. Think about it.

And what the heck? Why couldn't Dage and Jase have used their secret powers a little sooner? Like to get there and help the ladies that were in trouble?? So, will I read the next book in the series? Most likely, yes because something is wrong with me. Do I still recommend it to others? Yeah, especially if you enjoy those ridiculous Aplha types! The "Me Tarzan, you Jane" types. Personally, I prefer the, "Me Tarzan, come kiss me, you know you want to, Darling" types. But that's just me....
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