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The Bride by Julie Garwood
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Apr 27, 2011

really liked it
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** spoiler alert ** I've heard such great things about this author and especially this book, so when I saw it was on sale at Audible, and one of my favorite narrators, Rosalyn Landor did the narration, I couldn't resist! And I am so glad I didn't! I can't wait to try many others by this author, especially in the Medieval time period.

From the beginning, I really liked Jamie. I won't say love, there were a few annoying traits to her, such as her penchant for repeating everything Alec says to her, and the constant worrying for his soul and buying him an indulgence every time he did something she deemed as a sin. But I did like that she was no wilting daisy, took care of her family (even if they took advantage of her) and did everything with a good heart. She was just tough enough to hang with the Highlanders, but still tender and fragile enough to not make me feel like I was reading about a modern day woman set in medieval times. I have to admit I usually don't like the heroines portrayed in many medieval romances, they are either too modern seeming, or complete wallflowers who do as their husband bids. Honestly I don't know if one extreme or the other is realistic, but I know most women nowadays are neither extreme, so I like to think this has always been the case for mankind (because even though men are portrayed as warriors as well, I don't think this was always the case back then either, but I sure do like to read about them!) It's a very fine balance, and for me an important one that most authors either don't even bother with, or can't find the right balance. So while Jamie can ride bareback, shoot arrows and work her father's estate, she has a complete lack of direction, is small and petite, and can't do everything a man can do - and she knows it. For this, I can look past her constantly repeating everything Alec asks her.

Now, as for my brand new book boyfriend, Alec, the Kincaid!!! He is almost perfect! Almost! Of course he's a Scot, he's a highlander, a laird, tall, dark and downright sexy! But he's got a sense of humor as well, even if he keeps it hidden at times. I like a man whose secure enough in himself that he doesn't have to display every talent he has, or thinks he has, for the whole world to see. His humor comes out only when he sees fit to make jokes. He fights only hard enough to get the job done, no sword needed, even if he's one of the best swordsman around. He's compassionate, but doesn't feel the need to apologize for it or show everyone every emotion he has. He's just himself, and if people like him or don't, well, he doesn't really care. I love that when Jamie is upset and bordering on losing control on her emotions, something they both hate, he teases her, but does so because he knows she doesn't want to cry in front of others and getting her temper riled is fun for him. He can be a little harsh sometimes, but it's not intentional, and he really enjoys arguing with Jamie. I get the sense that since his first wife Helena died, there hasn't been a lot of joy in his life. But we're never sure, because even though we get Alec's POV throughout the book, it's mostly as it pertains to the moment. We don't know Alec history, I don't remember hearing about his parents, his siblings, if he had any, where are they, what their relationship was like. Alec is still a mystery to me at the end of this book, albeit an extremely sexy mystery!

The whole plot about someone wanting to kill Jamie is interesting in theory, but the woman who does it, Annie, we don't get to know her too well, she's simply explained as twisted in the mind. But most people don't give Annie a second thought, she's described as child-like in mind. I don't understand how she can be child-like and a killer. Was she really child-like in mind, or was that a all a ploy? I don't think this part of the story was adequately explained, at least not to my liking.

I adored most of the secondary characters in this book, especially Angus, Gavin and Marcus - three very surly Highlanders! Marcus' sister Edith was horrible to Jamie at first, but it is later explained and I feel their relationship becomes a very healthy and good one, where they can lean on each other and help one another. I did not like Jamie's father, or her twin sisters. Mary, her other sister who married another highlander, has her moments, but I wonder how the rest of Jamie's family became so damn spoiled and she's not. It's said frequently that Jamie, the youngest, the baby, is to guard, protect and help the older sisters, always. Who's ever heard of that, unless the elder sister(s) were unable to care for themselves due to severe illness or mental defect? Well, I guess they could fall under mental defect. Honestly, the twins fall apart at the slightest inconvienence, which is quite a bit in the beginning. Beak, the stable master of Jamie's family's estate treats her like a daughter, he's the one who taught her Gaelic, how to ride bareback, hunting, all the neat stuff she can do, and she says farewell to him fairly early on, but it would have been nice to have him come for a visit.

I am so glad I took everyone's recommendations and read this book! Sometimes I don't always enjoy what the masses do, but this was great! If you like the medieval time period, Highlanders and great characters, you'll do good by reading this!
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Taryn at My Secret Romance I keep hearing how great this book is. I will have to get it soon.

Shelly So far I am loving it, listening to the audio at work!

Katherine I listened to the audio also but just didn't like this one much. I heroine got on my nerves. But other Garwoods I have loved.

Shelly I'm about 1/4 of the way in, and so far the only one really annoying me is her sister Mary! Geesh, talk about wanting to slap someone!

Ronyell This was a great book!! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Splage I loved Ransom too by this author, another one of her Scottish highlander books. You might want to check it out too.

Ronyell Awesome review Shell!

 Shellbelle I adore this book!

Shelly Thanks Ronyell!

I will be adding more Garwood books to my list and moving them up the list!!

Ronyell Me too! Julie Garwood is such a great author! I'm about to read The Wedding pretty soon!

Taryn at My Secret Romance I am trying soooo hard not to buy anymore books but I keep hearing how great this series is!

Shelly I know Taryn, me too! I'm gonna be a good girl this time and check the library!

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