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No Apologies by Tibby Armstrong
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Apr 28, 11

really liked it
Read from April 27 to 28, 2011

4.5 stars

If No Apologies was a movie, I'd totally go see it. I thought it was brilliant how the author conveyed the characters through a movie within the story. There was certainly plenty of emotion in this one too, ranging from tender teenage love, fear, angst and uncertainty, and let's not forget the hot sex. I loved how Aaron dominated Greg in the bedroom and that Greg felt comfortable enough to give Aaron complete control. I enjoyed getting to know young Greg and Aaron through their portrayals in the movie but did find myself wondering from time to time which portions of the movie were supposed to be real events from their lives and whether the characters in the movie accurately depicted things from Greg and Aaron's personal lives. I thought it was very touching that the movie was written from Greg's perspective as a way to show Aaron his true feelings and emotions, and how he wished some things had been handled differently. And even though Aaron's feelings were justified, the anger and frustration radiating off of him in the beginning and at the end of the book confused me a little bit because the Aaron in the movie would have never walked away from Greg, no matter what. Maybe it would have been helpful to know a little bit more of what had happened in their relationship during the past decade which apparently led to Aaron's unhappiness. Perhaps a follow-up could answer a few questions? I really enjoyed this book :)
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message 1: by Tibby (new)

Tibby Armstrong Heather,

Thank you for your beautiful review for No Apologies. So many people have asked now about the difference between Aaron in the beginning and Aaron in the movie, that I will be writing a blog post to answer the question.

I'm fascinated that people are paying such close attention to these characters, and regret that I was unable to answer this question in the novel itself, although Aaron does hint at it in the movie portion of the book.

My editor was concerned that readers would not be able to discern what was "real" in the movie and what was not. To her credit, she asked me to put in much more detail in the end of the book to draw this distinction. Apparently the characters were compelling enough (hooray!) that I should have written more (oops!) about them, and I did not take it far enough.

Hopefully my upcoming blog post will answer your questions. I regret that I disappointed you and others by not putting these answers into the novel.

Best wishes,


Heather♥ Trust me Tibby, I was far from disappointed. Your book was amazing. Your details and clarifications at the end of the book answered almost all of the questions I had while reading the "movie" portion of the book. It was mostly the differences in Aaron that I wondered about. We spent a lot of time getting to know the younger Aaron through the movie dialogue and he was a man who wouldn't let Greg get away with anything and had a way of taking control of situations. So for Aaron to even consider ending it with Greg just had me wondering what happened over the past decade, or if the version of Aaron in the movie was not really an accurate reflection of the real Aaron. I look forward to reading your blog for more tidbits on these amazing characters. Well done!

message 3: by Tibby (new)

Tibby Armstrong Thank you for being so honest and open with me about your thoughts. It's always fun to discuss a book with readers. You are not the first person to bring up these questions, and I imagine you won't be the last. I'm glad No Apologies worked well for you regardless.

I hope I answer some of your questions about Aaron here: http://www.goodreads.com/author_blog_....

Feel free to carry on a dialog with me about anything else you'd like to know. Either here or via my email. :)


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