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The Sight by David Clement-Davies
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Apr 26, 11

it was ok

I’m not sure what to make of this story of telepathic wolves. It feels like the book is cleaved unevenly in two, so 2/3 of it is bad and the last 1/3 is enjoyable.

In this first cleave, the dialogue is horrible, the narration describes too little and action is glazed over so quickly it left me wondering did something just happen? In a single paragraph as many as three character’s points of view are given, and this flip-flopping changes the story’s focus so much that it’s hard to get a grip on what’s happening.

But when I crossed into the last third of the book, much of the bad dialogue, polluting adverbs (he wrote suddenly), confusing POV flipping, and hazy descriptions disappeared and what followed was a surprisingly well-written ending. It was like watching a writer’s style mature as he wrote.

The ending is exciting, but the beginning and middle are so badly written that the meaning is lost. If the author had taken the first 2/3 through another draft to clarify the enormous amount of back story and get rid of the POV flipping, then it would match the ending and make sense.

Honestly, it felt like this could’ve been great. My hat’s off to Mr. Clement-Davies for creating a potentially mind-blowing story, but coming just short of bringing it into the light.
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Cari I liked the book a tad bit more than you did but I can see your point. But the ending was awesome wasn't it? ;)

James Steele Cari wrote: "I liked the book a tad bit more than you did but I can see your point. But the ending was awesome wasn't it? ;)"

It was a good ending. I enjoyed the last third of the book, but the
first two-thirds... It was like someone else wrote it. Someone with less experience. Someone who hadn't quite figured out how to write a novel as complex as he set out to write.

It reminded me a lot of the early mistakes I made writing my first stories (which I'm hopefully not still making!), and that's why I'm so nice to this book.

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