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Collide by Megan Hart
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Apr 26, 2011

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Read in April, 2011

** spoiler alert ** I wish Goodreads had a half-star rating so I could give this 3.5 stars, because this was one of those books that I tore through late at night, but ended up feeling conflicted about.


The Good:
Megan Hart is a badass when it comes to writing ordinary people that still manage to be interesting. Her characters always feel vibrant because they have backstory, friends, hobbies, family, all the things that a lot of romance writers leave out. She's a compelling writer, and every book I've read by her has been a marathon session of NEED TO GET TO THE FINISH TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS NOW NOW NOW. She does an awesome job of leaving the reader guessing whether or not Emm's fugue states are real or all in her mind - signs throughout the book point to either, and so the reader can't really guess ahead of the characters.

The Okay:
The romance isn't the strongest of emotional pulls that I've felt while reading one of Hart's novels. While it makes sense why Johnny-now falls for Emm, based on their shared past, it's never really clear why Johnny-then falls for her. They have mind-blowing sex, sure (actually, this part should really belong in "The Good" - for a reader who is straight-up bored by most attempts at erotica, Megan Hart is a fucking revelation), but it's hard to see why Emm becomes the love of his lifetime.

The Bad:
I love that Emm has an actual best friend who appears in the novel and who talks to her about things other than just boys. HOWEVER, the fact that 2/3rds of her sentences start with "Girl" was the literary equivalent of nails down a chalkboard. Girl, I realize this may be a realistic characterization of someone's speech, but it seriously dragged my feelings toward the book down. Girl, this may be an unfair complaint. Girl, your mileage may of course vary.

The WTF:

At the end, while I enjoyed Collide, I was left kind of wondering about a lot of loose ends. Are Emm's fugues REALLY just for Johnny, and why would a fall from a playground trigger that? Isn't anyone going to be a little concerned that Emm is pregnant by a man who's had a vasectomy? What happens when Emm is 50, still vibrant, and Johnny is in his 80's? Again, these may be highly personal issues, and I realize another reader might not be as critical about these points, but they did bring my overall grade down.
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Laura I had to read your review, after your comment on mine, and what I find amazing is that we agree on all of the same points, I completely agree with everything you wrote here regarding the bad and silly and not followed up parts of the book are....YET I came away loving the book and knowing I want to purchase it for re-reads. You must be right about these being personal issues. I didn't see why Johnny-then liked her (except that she was mysterious and kept disappearing, which could be new to someone who has ladies constantly throwing themselves at him) but I was willing to suspend my disbelief even though I am usually a stickler. I also think that the book ended where it did precisely because it was a little quick and didn't force me to think about a lot of the little fiddly things you brought up.

Is it odd that I love this sort of discussion that forces me to take a step back and examine why I liked a book so much?

comfort DIDn't Johnny always have feeling for her as at the end he pulls out the first pieces of artwork he did and they are of her. Which makes me wonder how much he was"aware" of Emm in his younger days. This bit was a bit confusing for me. ANd the taking back her clothes that she left in "young Johnny" time and yet "old Johnny" had them delivered.

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