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The Girl in the Steel Corset by Kady Cross
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Apr 26, 2011

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To be fair, it's a 3.5 hearts.

I've seen both good and bad reviews about this novel, but what can I say about one of the books with the prettiest covers around? Well, I can say that it was pretty fun, had some interesting characters, and the steampunk element was well employed. It also had some annoying characters, the main plot was so so, and the pace was like a roller coaster ride; going up and down and all around.

Finley is two people inhabiting one body. Fighting for control, her darker self is the daredevil bad girl who is not afraid to risk her life or teach gentleman some manners, while the good girl is the total opposite, but not as lame as she could otherwise be. They are two halfs of one whole. We are introduced to Finley in the beginning when she runs away from where she is currently working and gets hit by a motorcycle. Who is riding this said motorcycle? Why none other than the handsome DUKE Griffin King. He takes her under his wing because he feels responsible and then comes to realize what a special girl Finley is when she starts throwing the servants around like they weight no more than a pack of pencils. Griffin, with the help of his loyal friends Emily and Sam is trying to catch one of the baddest guys around town, a man called The Machinist, and he might just need Finley to get the job done.

Hmm this novel was interesting. It took me a long time to finish it up, but that was my own fault (real life got momentarily in the way). As I said before it has some interesting characters. I liked Finley's two personas, but I have to say that my favorite is Emily, she is just such a smart wonderful girl! I didn't fall in love with any of the male characters (Beware there is not only one but TWO love triangles in this book, DUM DUM DUM!). I thought they were pretty standard and didn't rock my boat, though occasionally each of them (except Sam) managed to shake me up a bit. Now... for the annoying characters. You are going to find them here. I got mostly annoyed at Sam, he is just such a *&^%head. I cannot stomach him, and I don't know how anyone in their right mind could either.

As for the plot it was so so. The big bad guy wasn't as big and bad as it first seemed, he went down pretty easily. Finley's "problem" also seems to resolve itself pretty easily (I was expecting things to get way worse before they ever got better). One of the things I most liked about the novel was the element of Steampunk in the Victorian age. It was a nice background, though most of the time it felt like it was so freaking advanced... Like they used 21st century things and made it pass as steampunk. Or maybe the objects just weren't described that good and so my mind just thought of the equivalent in the 21st century.

The possibilities for the second novel are endless! I expect to be picking up that novel whenever it hits bookstores near me (hopefully there will be bookstores still around by then).
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08/09/2011 page 18
4.0% "This book could have NOT started any better."
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5.0% "Damn, she just got out of a bad situation and quickly is thrust into another... Hells yeah!"
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15.0% "Damn, this book is actually pretty small, either that or I'm going through the pages faster than the wind can blow them!"
09/02/2011 page 377
80.0% "It's taking me for-ever to read this book, but then again I've been so busy at work, not to say it isn't a great novel, because it really is!"
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100.0% "Finally finished it! Wish the sequel was out already."

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