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Evidence Not Seen by Darlene Deibler Rose
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Feb 25, 2008

it was amazing
Read in February, 2008

** spoiler alert ** My book review: I really enjoyed this book. It was such a remarkable and moving story, about a Christian woman who survived being a POW in WW2. What really struck me was how incredibly faithful she was. She spoke in her prayers as if the Lord were right there, a close companion and friend. And she had so much faith that he would help her, hear her, and always care about her. All the miracles that happened, and the small "tender mercies of the Lord" that she experienced were a direct result of her faith. There were so many faith promoting things that happened to her. I also loved how she shared her testimony of the Savior with the camp commander, Mr. Yamaji. You wouldn't think a guy like that would be receptive to the gospel, but he was, and it incredibly changed his life. It goes to show that you never know who will accept Christ, even the people we wouldn't expect to. Because of the way she lived and acted, he was impressed. It wasn't only her words that 'spoke' the gospel to him - it was the way she lived and who she was. And I really liked how she was constantly able to quote scripture to comfort herself.
I totally am inspired by this woman's story! I loved how Dr. Jaffray wasn't taken because the soldier thought his eau de cologne bag was actually full of medicines! I got teary when 'her little boy', Imopai, stood on the trail and watched her leave. It made me so sad. What a sweet little thing. I also cried when the little boy, Broertji, screamed in panic when his mom went to get the can of food that hadn't burst when the plane dropped food off for them. (p195) He thought it was a bomb and was so scared for his mom. It makes me get a lump in my throat right now. He was just a little boy that had been so traumatized from the war. Little children should never have to suffer like that. There was one part about how one new mother lost her milk so they were feeding her baby rice water. And the baby wasn't thriving, and was actually starving and going to die. Darlene prayed with the mother and right afterward another mother who was also nursing offered to feed both babies. I was totally touched by that. Probably because I was nursing Eliza whenever I read the book, and it just hit home how desperate I would be if my baby was dying because I didn't have breastmilk or formula to feed her. I couldn't fathom how I would feel if I only had rice water to give to my baby. I felt so much gratitude and love for the woman who offered to feed both babies, even though she was undernourished just like the rest of them, and had her own child to provide nutrients to. What an act of selflessness.
Anyway, this was a good book.
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