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The Shapeshifters by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
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May 24, 2011

really liked it
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Read from April 24 to May 21, 2011 — I own a copy , read count: 1

You HAVE to read this part first. There are only two rules before reading this book:

1) Do not read the summaries at the back of the book. Read only the excerpt of which you are going to read because there will be spoilers and I’ve seen them myself which I regret reading.

2) Do not analyze the family tree because there are spoilers, yet again. To elaborate, you will know who are dead, who’ll be together and who their children would be.

So, for my reviews, I will avoid putting spoilers so you can read them even if you have not read the first book, Hawksong, or any other book, yet. Believe me when I say I’ll check it 10 times before posting it. But, if you know nothing about the story and want to keep it that way, then just look at my rating below. I will update it each time I finish a “The Kiesha’ra of the Den of Shadows” book. :)

5 stars: Interesting story, must read again someday
4 stars: Interesting story, might not read again
3 stars: Not interesting story, will read again someday
2 stars: Not interesting story, wish I had not read it

Hawksong 5 STARS
Snakecharm 4 STARS
Falcondance 5 STARS
Wolfcry 2 STARS
Wyvernhail 4 STARS

(Note: The ratings above are meant only for this omnibus edition.)

Hawksong: The main character is a princess so the setting has regality in it. I don’t know why but I feel sort of inspired when reading this book because of the setting. It sort of reminded me of The Sims™ Medieval. Anyway, the first part was inspiring so I got through it. As it progressed, I became to engrossed in it that I didn’t notice what page I was in and what chapter I was reading. It was that good. I felt like my head was floating, in a good way. It could not have been better than it already was. I had a hard time focusing, though, because the words were a bit too formal but that’s expected. During the climax of the book, I got so tensed, giddy and I couldn’t stay still that I had to burn off that excess energy by playing Fur Elise on the piano with a tempo of 200/148 a couple of times and I did it almost too perfectly it was frightening. Even now that I have finished the book, I still feel giddy and my heart’s all fluttery. Conclusion: this book is more than I had anticipated and it exceeded my expectations despite my first thought that it would be too boring that I might have to finish it in at least two weeks! READ IT AND YOU WON'T REGRET IT! :)

Snakecharm: I had to read this for about three days but for less than 72 hours because the day after I finished Hawksong, I feared that Snakecharm will not be as good as Hawksong despite the knowledge that all of Amelia Atwater-Rhodes's books had improved one book after the other. So, when I finally did read it, I was a bit confused and noticed some errors. One was that a person in the story stood up. Two pages later, the said person stood up again even though I have not read anything that she had sat down or anything. That confounded me and there were also some facts here that strongly conflicted with the facts in the first book but it was later more explained but I still felt that it was lacking. I was totally confounded with this book but I found the story plot AMAZING. Can't tell you anything about it but it was simply amazing. There are things revealed here or are otherwise imagined so vividly that I was swept away but it was still confusing about how their conversation got there. Conclusion: this book is confusing but it has a good story to let your imagination fly away. Despite this, I don't think I'll ever read a book so confusing as this one. (P.S. Notice how I wrote this review in a way like in medieval times? This is how the words are written in the book and I am influenced enough by it to write my review like it, and I'm not doing it intentionally.)

Falcondance: The atmosphere of this book is similar to Snakecharm but the information that has been revealed here are a lot heavier and useful. I really loved this book and the only reason I might be reading this again is to understand the heavy information more. It was a thrilling read and I was not at all disappointed. People say that they don't want imagining the older characters as parents but in my case, I forgot that I read about them before in a very different way. The only downfall to this WHOLE SERIES is that Amelia Atwater-Rhodes is not consistent with the genre. Hawksong is sort of a love story then the next two are kind of like fantasy. It's very different and I was shocked by it too. Conclusion: Falcondance is a heavy read but it is really a book to love. My advice is to not rush while reading it because you're going to need all the time you have to fully understand this one. I was not able to do that because I made a promise that I will finish it on May 1, 2011 but I failed so I finished it the next day instead. I also think that this book was compressed because all the details just kept coming without your understanding the statement before it. I think this book deserves a book as thick as Harry Potter. A lot were revealed but there are still tons of problems and questions that are not yet solved.

Wolfcry: Disgusting. That’s my first thought when I think of this book. Very disgusting. Don’t think of what I just said as discrimination, though. As you know, I’ve seen the family tree that I told you not to look at, and I knew about this thing and wasn’t expecting one thing to be the other. You wouldn’t understand what I just said, would you? Well, guess not. Anyway, I read The Hunger Games Trilogy as my “break” from The Kiesha’ra of the Den of Shadows series and… I don’t remember my reason for saying that. I guess I’m not very focused right now so I’ll make this brief. There’s a part here about falcon’s magic that interests me a bit. I’ve encountered it before it the TV series Charmed and remembered how it became confusing if you kept thinking about it so I didn’t think about it. The interesting thing about this magic is you can actually do it without any magic in real life. Can’t tell you what I’m talking about because I consider them spoilers but you can ask me about it if you like. So, besides that interesting bit about falcon magic, I didn’t like this book… and I just remembered why I mentioned The Hunger Games trilogy! It’s because while I was reading that series, I felt a lot in my heart. Love, hatred, hope, happiness and all that kind of stuff whereas in Wolfcry, all I felt was disgust. Can’t tell you why either but again, you can ask me about it. Conclusion: I don’t recommend this book to anyone. It does tell more, I guess, about the setting this story took place in but besides that, I don’t find anything remarkable in this book. If anything, it was a waste of my time. I apologize to the author but I simply thought that it would bring relief that I needed from reading Snakecharm and Falcondance. But it didn’t. Lastly, I would like to advice all the readers of this series not to read it. I feel that some of you wouldn’t be as troubled as I am by this book so pardon me if you think I’m heartless.

Wyvernhail: Interesting. Very interesting. I loved this book so much that I just kept reading and reading and I still want to read more although there’s nothing left to read. I really want to say that I want to read it again but I really don’t want to read it again, probably because I’m lazy and have tons of other books to read. I really liked the story of this book and I felt all of the main character’s hardships and stuff. I don’t really know what to say about this book. So far, my mind is going blank. Conclusion: Read this one. It’s probably the perfect ending for the series and you wouldn’t want to miss this for your life.

Round-up Rating:
1st place: Hawksong (Book 1)
2nd place: Wyvernhail (Book 5)
3rd place: Falcondance (Book 3)
4th place: Snakecharm (Book 2)
5th place: Wolfcry (Book 4)
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Lydia I completely agree about Wolfcry but i loved the other books.

Pamela I'm so happy to know that we think the same! GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE. lol.

Katherine I totally agree with you. Hawksong was definitely my favorite. However I didn't like the path she chose for the other books....

Pamela For me too! I think Hawksong is the only one really worth reading.

message 5: by Ashley (new)

Ashley I had gotten this book a few years ago and forgot it was in my library, yes I have a book problem haha :p Anyways, I found this review helpful in trying to decide my next book to read :)

Pamela Glad to help! I hope you enjoy it. Hawksong remains to be one of the best books I've ever come across.

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