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Skintight by Susan Andersen
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Apr 29, 2011

did not like it
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Post Listen Review: First the plot summary-- This pro poker player needs to get the first 1927 homerun ball that Babe Ruth himself hit in order to keep his fingers from being broken. (Never mind the fact that there is no way that a Vegas showgirl owns it, nor that it is signed by all of Murderer's row, the heart of the Yankees line-up that year). The problem is that his father who owned it died and it has passed to his wife. The father's wife is a Vegas showgirl that he had been married to for four months. So in the worst decision ever the poker player decides to seduce the showgirl that was once married to his father. Well, sex happens, truth is revealed, everyone gets mad at each other, everyone does something brave or kind and everyone forgives everyone and the showgirl and gambler go away in true love.

But we have a treat! I have actually been able to interview the characters from this story. They are all a little quirky though so be forewarned.

Me: So Jax Gallagher (main character who is a pro poker player) did you really think it was a good idea to seduce what amounted to your stepmother?

Jax: They never did the nasty. If they never did the nasty cause he died of prostate cancer before they did the nasty, it's ok.

Me: Right, ok. So you play pro poker, sitting down for hours on end, drinking sometimes and taking advantage of free casino food yet you are described as muscular and attractive. How come you are not fat and scraggy?

Jax: I buy jackets that make me look hot. See this jacket. It makes me hot. I hate baseball.

Me: Your father did seem to be a bit harsh at your practices when you were eight. Is that why you wanted to seduce your stepmother?

Jax: They never did the nasty. I am good at math. I hate baseball.

Me: So you could inherit one of the most valuable and rare items in all of baseball history and rather than just go personally ask for it you seduced your stepmother. Can I just say, that's messed up?

Jax: She's hot. Like my jacket.

Me: Any last words for anyone?

Jax: As I said to my honey-plumb in the book, "Foreplay is our friend"

Me: Ok moving on, let's talk to Treena, the showgirl with the kind heart caught up in lies and intrigue but who really just wants to open a dance studio. When did you realize that you truly loved Jax?

Treena: About the time he said to me, "I love you more than I love my Mother."

Me: Isn't that kind of an odd comment?

Treena: Just because I am a showgirl doesn't mean I am for sale.

Me: I never said you were for sale. You live in Las Vegas and perfom a topless show once a night but you are somehow surprised when you meet a professional gambler. Are you sure you know what goes on in Vegas at all?

Treena: I wear leotards to practice, not skimpy clothes.

Me: Right. As Jax mentioned you married his father but never "did the nasty". The real question here is why you married a super old guy to begin with because we all know it wasn't for the money at all. Are you just into Octegenarians?

Treena: I want to open a dance studio.

Me: Ok well get your poker player dude to buy you one or whatever. Any last words from you?

Treena: I didn't like sex til I met Jax. Then I did like it with him. That's true love. Just because I am a showgirl doesn't mean I am for sale.

Me: Ok, next guest. Mac you are one half of the inevitable friend couple that gets together before the end of the book. You fell in love with Ellen who you describe as an earthy woman. What advice do you have for men out there looking for love?

Mac: Well, as I said to my Ellen, "I like my sex straight up."

Me: Gross. Let's move on. Ellen, you got to be the friend that was taken shopping in the story so you could hook up with the guy that seemed like he hated you but of course was really into you instead. Don't you think this gets a bit predictable in these romance novels?

Ellen: My salt and pepper hair is dynamic, I am a librarian and how dare you talk to me that way young man. Do you think this chartruse blouse is becoming on me?

Me: Yeah, really brings out the dynamic hair. You also seem to really be into Mac but couldn't really get together until you wore a little less black. Should that really be a factor in a relationship?

Ellen: I went and had prime rib with him and he was a gentleman and the showgirls made me buy clothes with color and I am a librarian so everything works out.

Me: It sure does. Now for sequel potential time. Here is Carly, the showgirl friend that lives near Treena and supports her but has yet to find love of her own. Carly, you watched the rocky road to love for Jax and Treena and Mac and Ellen. It seems that you were the only one left out. What's in store for you?

Carly: I hate my neighbor. He made fun of my dogs. He even called my dog Rufus, Dufus. I hate him. He has a sexy butt.

Me: I think we all know exactly where that's going.

Carly: Even vanilla style missionary sex sounds good to me right now.

Me: Yes in the book you mentioned that. I am compelled to point out that you are a showgirl in Vegas so if you just want that then I am pretty sure you can get it.

Carly: What I really want is a "nookie man"

Me: I am sure that will show up in the next book. God I hope I don't have to listen to it.

Pre-Listen Guess: Yet another horrid romance to get through I am sure. And bonus sleaziness because it takes place in Vegas.
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message 1: by Tina (new)

Tina This is so funny, especially when I can picture you doing these interviews.

message 2: by Adam (new) - rated it 1 star

Adam Glad you liked it. That means at least someone was entertained by my listening to that. I know it wasn't me.

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