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The Savage Grace by Bree Despain
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Mar 17, 2012

really liked it
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OH. MY. GOSH. BREE. DESPAIN. I. ADORE. YOU. This series just got better and better and better. The Savage Grace is a great conclusion of Grace Divine's story and it is definitely a book that keeps you hooked. I didn’t want to put it down (but I have a 5 month old baby and she was telling me I had to : )

Grace has matured, and growing up has made her just as sacrificing as ever. She does have a small selfish side though, and we see it when Grace has to face emotions and people she doesn't want to, namely, anger, guilt and Jude. April is great as a supporting character; she’s not as moody or dramatic as in the first two books, which I like because she got on my nerves before. Jude is just as angsty as ever. One of the parts of the story I was looking most forward to was the resolution between Jude and Grace. I wasn’t disappointed, even though it didn’t go as I expected.

The pressure is on for Grace in this finale. Grace has to save her brother, her boyfriend, her dad, her mom and her town. The odds are against her, but she is one tough cookie. Just when one critical part of the equation was resolved, I would look at the number of pages left (which was still a lot and think, “Oh my goodness! What can happen next!?”

I loved how even though Grace had these extremely important responsibilities, she learned to make family and people the priorities in her life. That is SO hard to do, and reading about a girl who has such weighty responsibilities shows the rest of us that our "normal" situations aren't so bad, and maybe it's not as hard as we think it is to keep our lives balanced. :)

I loved the religious aspect of the series that Despain was able to create for the Divine family, and particularly Grace's role in all of it. As a Christian character, Grace is forced not only to deal with what the right and wrong of a situation would be according to her community, friends, family, etc., but also to God. She struggles with the accountability a lot, especially in this last book, when she struggles with what she has become and who she is and how she can maintain control and remain "good." I loved it all, and I loved watching her transform into this protector, especially when it came to her relationships, particularly with brother Gabriel and Jude. of course everyone was curious about what the outcome would be for Daniel, and for his relationship with Grace, but it was the non-romantic relationships Grace had that intrigued me the most, because our lives are intertwined with so many people on a daily basis and our romantic relationships throughout our lifetimes are few, but how are we treating everyone else in our life? (I hope this makes sense!)

On a side note, my daughter kicked my computer off the couch and it will no longer turn on :( So I'm using the Mac Book pro we got for Christmas 2 years ago that became my "husband's computer" by the default reason of me not wanting to touch it, and I hate it. But I'm so behind on my reviews and I don't want to do that to you guys! I love my blog and I want to keep it updated! All I ask is that you bear with me on the graphics part of my posts, as I no longer have the same programs I did on my laptop and the Mac's programs SUCK.

That being said, I'm rating The Savage Grace: 4 STARS.

This book was IN. TENSE. There were parts where my hearts beat rapidly, parts that I teared up, and parts that were red hot and explosive. This is a great conclusion that wraps up all the loose ends, while giving the reader a clue about their future. Bree Despain really did a fantastic job finishing this series.

Thanks for stopping in! (And bearing with me while I catch up-and get used to this stupid MAC!)


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