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Dark Side of the Moon by Sherrilyn Kenyon
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I like this series, and I like the Were-Hunters. That is the only reason this book gets 3 stars.

I was not into the location, I was not into the plot, and I did not love Ravyn and Susan. I feel like these characters and this story came out of nowhere. After the steamy love and hotness of Wren's story, this was just lacking. It made me happy that I don't have to wait for the other books that came after it so that I can wash this book out of my memory.

Just to make it seem like it was part of the series, we saw Otto, Kyl, Nick (who I DESPISE now), Ash at the end, and the ever-obnoxious and destestable Stryker. We have a new enemy...Satara or whatever, and I didn't get enough back story on her. Why does she hate the heifer-goddess (gah, I miss some Simi) so much? I don't know if I even really care. I just didn't like the b*tch.

I also was looking for a bit more resolution on Susan's past. I would have loved to see her prior fall from grace connected to the police chief somehow. Everyone's stories were so separate. What happened to the complicated intertwinings like Talon's story?

I am interested to see what happens with Cael and Amaranda though. That should be interesting. But again, if someone doesn't sway me soon, I plan on skipping Stryker's story. Gah, he blows. And not in a good way...

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