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Sabotaged by Margaret Peterson Haddix
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May 03, 11

Read from April 25 to May 02, 2011

This is a series that my teenage granddaughter and I started a couple of years ago. Even though this is meant for younger readers; I am personnally interested in learning what will happen next.

The third book in the Lost Series, of course...leaves you wanting to read more. The first book begins with a plane filled with nothing but unaccompanied infants and todlers. It appeard that futuristic time travelers have gone through time, nabbing famous child historical figures to sell to the highest bidder. The children have all been adopted and spent the last 13 years living a normal life, because a stop would not allow any time travellers into their lifetime. Once the stop has been rescinded JB coms into the children's lives sending them back to their own time period to fix history as we know it. The problem is, fixing history and being able to return the children to their 21st century lives.

In this novel, it is Virginia Dare (21st century Andrea) who must go back in time to conclude the burial of skeletal remains, giving those who died from the plague their integrit in death. JB's assistant decides that history would be better served if Virginia Dare who history tells us was the first white child born and baptized in North America and shortly thereafter vanishes with the remaining Roanoke colonist a second chance to meet her grandfather.

Sabatogimg JB's efforts to keep history as we know it, 'Second' send Andrea back to Roanoke where she will save the life of her grandfather. However, this small change suddenly ripples through history leaving JB, Andrea, and two other children stranded in the year 1600 and sends Joshua (another child stolen from history) and his 21st century sister Katherine to the year 1611 where the children will be forced to stop the ripple caused by change.

These are excellant books that help children delve into history, learning about people that they may not have taken the time to otherwise study.

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