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Sins of the Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Apr 25, 2011

really liked it
Read from November 22 to 23, 2011

I don't know how I feel about it.. I liked that finally it was a story of the female DH but I did not like the portrayal of Danger. I thought she would have been a lot tougher maybe a lot more weary of men.. maybe like the Amazon warriors.. But i liked her story regardless. And it was cool how Alexion turned out to be one of the first DH warriors to be created.. I loved the ending.. She did a good job with this story.. :D

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Shiran Let me know what you think of this one. It wasn't my favourite in the series but it's still good :)

SANDRA ok sounds good.. :D I just started it so it's not really attached itself on me. and it's weird to find out that Alexion belongs to Acheron and it's about a female DH.. :) lol should be interesting no?

Shiran It is interesting but let's talk as you read it. I'm interested to see what you think of Danger.

SANDRA well I am done with it.. lol yesterday!! opps I haven't marked it as read but I have.. let's see i thought she acted too much like a regular woman n not a DH.. True thought she kicked some major ass.. I thought Alexion should have been a lot harder in character,, but overall I loved their story.. It was very unique that's for sure.. :D

SANDRA and I have never heard of the acursed god, I have to do some research on that one. but omg Ash is a god!!! that's crazy...

Shiran That's what I thought, I felt like she wasn't a DH at all. I was a bit disappointed, I felt like the male DH's where all amazing and then she just fell flat for me but later in the series we read about another female DH and she is my hero :P

Alexion was a bit bland for me, I didn't feel the passion from him as much as I would like but later in the series you find out more about him and... wow!

Haha, yip now you are starting to see what Ash is all about. That's what I loved the most about this book, that you learn a lot about Ash and Simi. Wait Ash's life gets insane. And didn't you just want to kill the other DH's for being pissed at Ash for not telling them things when you know what he has to go through for them? I wanted to Alexion to kill them all :P except Danger, she has a good head on her shoulders :P

SANDRA lol. yes I agree with u she did fall flat with this one.. I was looking forward to something spectacular with a female DH.. And was disappointed but like u said the info on Ash and Simi and Alexion made the book a lot better and that's why I finished it so fast. That n work was slow.. lol.

And there was barely much passion even the sex scene were just okay.. sad.. :(

Ash is crazy!! lol I would kill myself if I had so many voices in my head.. And the other Dh's that thought could take him down were morons they annoyed me.. And like u I wanted Lex to kill them jsut for the stupidity of their thoughts.. Danger figured it out pretty fast and her becoming a shade or w.e ash turned her to was cool.. AND Simi has a Sister!! craziness!!!!

Shiran Yip but don't let this discourage you it's the only one like this other than book 19, Retribution. The others are still fricken amazing :)

I know Ash is so awesome, you just want to be his! But at the same time you wonder if he will ever be able to have a woman for himself... you are going to love his book. I know Simi's sister was a shock but it's great for her. I love the way Ash is with Simi, he spoilers her and doesn't let her get to him. I love that he has to keep telling her not to eat people and when you're further in the series you'll never look at BBQ sauce the same again :P

SANDRA O God I love bbq sauce.. lol ... just as much as Simi. hhee
well what was the older guys name that came to Ash he seems to be eternal.. who is he do we find out later on?? Ash is mine that's for sure.. I love how Simi and her Sister have basically the same name for the goddess' lol He spoils her rotten, lol. I love it!!!

Retribution whose book is that??? O and I am not discourage trust me far from it just disappointed that she let the story me ehh u know I wanted sparks flying everywhere and she did not deliver that.. I'm jealous that she took so much care with the male DH and not the female one ya know.. I hope u r right about the next female DH story!! :D

Shiran I think you are thinking of Savitar? If so then yes he does pop up in quite a few of the other books, he is hot and amazing too :P

Retribution is Jess's book, the cowboy from Zarek's book. It's not bad, just lacks that passion like this on, but it is super interesting on the mythology side. Oh trust me the next book with a female DH is HOT and she kicks ass, she totally makes up for this book. She does everything and the guys just kinda watch in awe, she is actually an amazon warrior :)

SANDRA yes Savitar.. lol great more hot men just what we need!! yea I am way curious of his story.. lol

nice which one of the amazons is she..I know a few have been mentioned before.. I can't wait..

OOO the cowboy really that sucks... I wanted his story to be amazing.. he is Z's best friend ya know.. :D

oo I like mythology

Shiran Haha, don't worry these books are abundant in hot men :P He hasn't gotten his own book yet but you learn a lot about him and see him a lot in the later books.

It is Samia, I think she might have been mentioned in other books. She is my hero!

Yeah I wanted his book to rule too but it wasn't too bad. Yip he is Z's best friend and their interaction in the book is awesome!!! :)

Yeah it's different to the normal mythology you'll get in the rest of the books but it's interesting. But that's like 10 books away so back to the current, when you starting Wren's book?

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