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Ember by Bettie Sharpe
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Oh wow, talk about a twisted fairy tale, no, not twisted in a sick, wrong way, twisted as in its so far and different to the normal fairy tale we're all used to, and in a damn fine good way as well! The synopsis itself drew me to it and since its a free ebook, might as well. Ember held quite a lot of promise and had a whole storyline to overturn (the tale of Cinderella), so imagine my surprise when I found it delivered, all too well. The plot was unique and different in its own way and I have to give a hand to Bettie for doing such a great job at turning the tables for this fairy tale! Loved the way things were painted out and I adored the way it was told from its ironic, wry voice of a narrator, Ember, the main star, who's supposed to be Cinderella.

The story did follow the path of the fairy tale, though. Peasant girl's mother dies, her father remarries, she gains a stepmom and two stepsisters, she gets invited to the ball, meets the Prince, falls for him, runs away and Prince finds her again to live happily ever after. But with one admirable exception. Our main character's a witch, which makes this story all the more interesting since Ember can certainly do without her own fairy Godmother, no, Ember's her own heroine. Strong, stubborn and fiercely protective, she is her village's local witch, and she is feared by many, which makes her life understandably lonely. And here's the second twist: her stepmom and sisters love her and she, them. What made me admire Ember was that she held her ground when she was first introduced to her new extended family and they feared her for a witch. But that's not it, its that she came to grow fiercely loyal, loving and protective of them the longer and better she knew them. And I love her for that. The relationship between Ember and her step-family is totally genuine and true, especially the protective way the stepsisters act in her wake and the stepmom's genuine concern and care for Ember. They don't shun her at all for being a witch and they try their best to protect her in any way they can, in this case, the Prince. No matter ho hard I tried to make myself not like the Prince, its inevitable and I ended up liking and sympathising with him, with Ember. The Prince, in his own way, is lonely too, since he's gifted with a curse that makes everyone he meets instantly adore and love him, with the exception being Ember, which of course, rouses his interests and fuels his determination to find her. When he does, he's not the man with the perfect face which everyone loves, he's the man Ember finds herself falling in love with, having no idea at all he is the one person she's trying so desperately to avoid. The Prince has two faces, one being the perfect one everyone loves, and the other is his true face, which Ember falls in love with. You'll have to pick up the ebook to really get what I'm rambling on about, trust me, you'll love it, or maybe you won't, who knows? Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to re-read it again since its so dang good. Some parts may be a predictable, but hey, its a re-telling of a classic fairy-tale, you can only stretch the limit so far.

By the way, this one has quite a few sexual references, so...yeah...just a warning...
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Danielle Where did you get it for free?

message 2: by Michelle (last edited Aug 24, 2011 03:25PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Michelle when i added it a while back it was already a free ebook, try going on the url it provided

E.V.Franzmnn E.V.Franzmnn Danielle wrote: "Where did you get it for free?"

Hi,, here it's the link for the site of the author where U can read it for free =D


PS.: sorry to mettle,,,I just like to help *-*

Danielle thanks

E.V.Franzmnn E.V.Franzmnn Danielle wrote: "thanks"

Anytime :)

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