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My Avenging Angel by Madelyn Ford
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Apr 24, 2011

it was ok
bookshelves: annoying-tstl-die-already-heroine, good-plot-stupid-characters, wanted-plot-beta
Read in April, 2011


Tory, a soon to be powerful witch, is being hunted by ubber evil demon, Asmodeus. So she accidentally summons Archangel Michael for protection (she meant to summon a different angel). Michael is none too happy until he realizes that she is his *duhduhdummmmmmm* mate. Now he will move heaven and earth to kill the demon and protect her.

I cannot express how disappointed I am. This story started out great! Like 5 stars great. I was ready to send text messages in the middle of the night to my friends, great. Then it just falls apart at warp speed.

Tory is great until she has sex with Michael. Then, with the loss of her virginity at 25 *rolling eyes*, she becomes an annoying, tstl (Cap'n Crunch?!), needy heroine. Who would have thought that a personality is so linked to maidenhead?

Michael was frakin awesome in the beginning, all cranky and rude and self-righteous, only to become a sensitive, googly-eyed, 'My Love!' bore once he 'mates' with Tory. I wouldn't say he goes from ubber alpha to sensitive beta because that would be insulting beta heroes (whom I adore). He actually becomes a perfect example of why ubber alpha heroes need to show their love rather than speak it.

The universe in this story has soo much potential but this story was in dire need of a plot beta to get rid of the eye rolling tropey sections and frankly it was just too much story for an erotic novella that required too many sex scenes and not enough plot/character development.

5 stars for a creative universe with great potential and an exciting beginning. -1 for using the same 'ol tired 'mate' trope and not doing anything new with it. -1 for turning a good heroine into a tstl one. -1 for not having the ubber alpha hero just shuddup already about his feelings of love for his mate. Despite the problems I had with this story, I'm very curious about this author's other works and will definitely try them.

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