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Fire by Kristin Cashore
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Jun 02, 2015

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Read from December 10 to 21, 2011

Kristin Cashore created a gorgeous world in this book. Unfortunately, the main character and I did not get along, so my overall impression of the book is not positive. In short, I found the main character to be a whiny brat, and because of that, I ended up only skimming the final 20% of the story.

Granted, she may have been a brat the entire book, but for much of the time I was blinded by the lovely world the author, Kristin Cashore, created. Toward the end, the main character became irrational, on top of being a brat. "No, don't look at me; I'm too beautiful." "I can't look at you because I'm afraid you will die." "No, I cannot go on! I am too beautiful." And so on, and so forth.

I enjoyed the introduction to the world toward the beginning of the book. The world contains regular people and animals, and it also contains "monsters." Monsters are beautiful, colorful versions of other animals. They have the power to delve into people's minds to entrance and control them. Fire, the main character, is the only living human monster. Thus, she is beyond lovely, and she senses people's thoughts and feelings.

At the beginning of the book, Fire is on the farm where she was raised. We meet her and her adoptive family. And then she travels to King's City. The journey was tad dull but not so long that I began to pull my hair out. King's city presents some interesting new issues. There, Fire has to deal with being around many more people, most of whom have some strong reaction to her monstrousness. Some are immediately smitten. Others want to rape and/or kill her. That was fun and interesting; I liked seeing her getting acclimated to the city.

Then Fire is drawn into a war. There's lots of war-planning going on. (Not my thing.) Fire falls in love. The romance was interesting for about four seconds, until Fire decides that she is too beautiful to love, and that her man is in too much danger for her to love him. That was the last 25% of the book: "No, don't look at me. I'm pretty! You'll die, and then I'll be sad but still really really pretty!" And so on, and so forth.

I really enjoyed Graceling, the first book in this series. I kind of wish I had never started this one. Although there are wonderful things about it, I wish I'd left myself with the impression of the first one. I most likely won't continue to the third book.
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