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When Rabbit Howls by Truddi Chase
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04/23/2011 page 53
13.0% "'More than that, I felt repulsed, angry, scared. It was no atmosphere in which to bring up a child, to taint that child with my own... Stanley, I don't even have a word for it.' Nganon!"
04/23/2011 page 69
17.0% "This is full of odd, fun turns of phrase. I especially like the Mary MacLane-esque: 'The breakfast she ordered was huge and appropriate.'"
04/25/2011 page 149
37.0% "Another fascinating departure from what I'd come to think of as the 'classic' DID narrative. As with Chris Costner, the core personality has been asleep in some inner 'recess' since age 2; but the others formed since then haven't self-destructed like hers - they've formed a sophisticated working collective. (The saddest of the lot is I think 'the woman'; a sort of empty shell the others use as a consistent 'façade'.)"
04/26/2011 page 189
47.0% "'Whenever she considered what [all the problems with her car's electrics] meant, the question arose immediately as to what was wrong with the stereo, the radios, the television set, and every light bulb in her house. Next she had to question why, if she were in someone else's house too long, their lights began to flicker, their stereo started to crackle.'"
04/26/2011 page 227
57.0% "Of course the stepfather reads true crime magazines. Of course."
04/26/2011 page 242
61.0% "'She had killed her stepfather, sometime during her teens. Nothing supported the suspicion, except a constant guilt that mounted daily and resisted all other explanations. [...] With little real assurance that she was not a murderess, that a policeman would not come pounding on her door some night, the woman wondered if this was the reason she avoided answering doors or opening the mail.'"
04/27/2011 page 324
81.0% "Child molestation from the viewpoint of the molestors; this is so utterly creepy. 'My daughter and I have a good relationship with each another now,' one of them says. 'She knows I love her and that I'm sorry it happened.'"
04/27/2011 page 366
92.0% "The final chapter is, without warning, a revenge fantasy presented - although there are numerous clues that it's a story within a story - as fact. It's marvellous."

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