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Desire and Deception by Sharon Buchbinder
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Jul 10, 2011

really liked it
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Read from May 05 to July 10, 2011

Desire and Deception by Sharon Buchbinder lives up to its title with lots of desire and lots of deception. Don't be misled by the "bodice-ripper" cover art. This one has some meat to go with all those jiggling potatoes.

Sarah is a young and beautiful university professor, worried about her career, who wants to be pregnant and soon (tick-tock, biological clock). Her husband Dan, a young and beautiful doctor, worried about his career, is happy to oblige whenever Sarah feels fertile. Like all married couples, they bring their pasts with them, baggage at best, wreckage at worst. Sarah had a tough childhood, a mother with a drinking and drug problem, problems that have a lasting effect on Sarah and her marriage. Both Sarah and Dan face serious problems at work, problems that also affect them at home. Then, there is Sarah's best friend Isabel, a young and beautiful Latina, and like Sarah a college professor worried about her career. Izzy has a husband, a young lover, and three kids. She is not a great mother. She too has a past, a gangster father who abused her in childhood. She is not a nice person, although Sarah doesn't know it. And then, if this isn't complicated enough, Dan has a past that reappears and threatens his marriage. When Sarah's boss and mentor turns up dead in unusual circumstances, and then someone starts leaving threatening messages for Sarah, the story turns into real intrigue. The question is can love, between Sarah and Dan, and Izzy and her young lover, conquer all.

"Desire and Deception" is a full length novel, which gives the author time to develop the characters, explore their back stories, and introduce interesting side characters. There is a scary security guard at Sarah's school, who keeps showing up whenever there is an incident. In a mystery thriller everyone is suspect. Is this guy a threat, or a friend? Dan's mother, a quirky,self-determined woman, of a certain age, provides a fun counterpoint to Sarah's experience with her own mother. But let's not forget, this is an erotic novel, and the author delivers the goods. The young and beautiful main characters put their physical gifts to good use often. Buchbinder happily shares the full details of these encounters, and I happily read the naughty parts with my imagination working full time.

This is a nicely written, tightly structured story. It rides a fine line between eroticism,romance, and thriller. Even though I poke fun at the main characters being unrealistically attractive, I did not have any trouble imagining them in everyday situations, nor in extraordinary dangerous circumstances. The conflicts faced by the characters are serious, and as a reader I began to take sides, even as I pondered "who dunnit." Without giving anything away, I can say that the author does not shy away from the moral ambiguity that is real life, and that adds greatly to this book. For those who enjoy a good plot that adds dimensionality to the erotic scenes "Desire and Deception" is for you.
Reviewed by Mstr Jake

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Sharon Buchbinder Dear Mstr Jake--

Thank you for your kind words and wonderful review. I am thrilled!!


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