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Unlawful Contact by Pamela Clare
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Wow, HOT from the get go! How could you not like Hunt from the very beginning? What a sweet 'bad boy'! Once you read the first couple of pages, you'll understand how those words can go together when describing Hunt! Sophie is a kind hearted, innocent that likes Hunt, but he's out of her league...at least, she believed he was. The memories of one sweet, passionate and tender night stays with each of them for the next 12 years...the next time they come face to face again.
It saddened me to find out what had happened to Hunt during the 12 years we skip forward. The life he now has, is heartbreaking, and almost make you angry for him being where he is. But I must admit, I knew that was a reason he was there that would redeem him.
Sophie is exactly where she wants to be. She is in the job she dreamed of getting...but coming face to face with Hunt again threatens to change everything.
I couldn't wait to get to the end to find out what happened, but yet, was sad when it was over...I wanted more Hunt and Sophie! I was still upset about how and why Hunt had gotten where he was when Sophie entered his life again, but Pamela Clare managed to bring sympathy to him and his sister.
Pamela infused hot steamy sex, tender love, humor and anger in a book full of tough subjects with style and class! Well done! I look forward to more I-Team books!

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