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REGGIE by Reggie Dabbs
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Apr 22, 2011

it was ok
Read in April, 2011

Reggie is an autobiography and inspirational book in one. The author is a motivational speaker in high schools all around the world and in this book he shares a lot of what he speaks to those kids. He shares funny anecdotes, childhood memories, narrates Bible stories in a modern way and includes questions at the end of each chapter, some simple, some pretty deep.

I found the very beginning of the book to be a little bit arrogant. He talks a number of times about how many kids he speaks to, how he's invited all over the world, and proclaims how he is considered one of the most popular public school and motivational speakers in the world. After that I found it hard to continue, but I had to, partly because I don't like leaving a book unfinished, and partly because I received this book free from BookSneeze to review.

A lot of the book is filled with analogies, so much that I found it sometimes hard to follow and to remember what he was even talking about. I also thought he was maybe a bit crude in some instances, though you can tell he is gearing his book mostly towards teenagers and young adults, so then those kinds of references are forgivable. I also did not like how he used the story of creation to state that since God didn't make His usual "It was good" comment after what He created on Tuesday (or the second day of creation) to say that a "Tuesday" in your life is a time when it's difficult to see the good, implying God had difficulty seeing the good in part of His creation. Seemed like a bit of a stretch.

The saving grace of this book was his modern takes on Bible stories as well as the entire last two chapters of the book. For as much as I was lost amid the analogies and motivational-type writing throughout most of it, I was enthralled with his renditions of well-known stories from 'his favourite book,' as he calls the Bible. As well, the last chapter in particular focuses on how important a father is in every person's life, and he explains very well how God is our Daddy. He breaks down what people today think of the concept of how God is our Father, and revamps it to better suit the Biblical Heavenly Father. He also gives a couple powerful examples of God working amazingly through the lives of mere humans.

This book is probably very well suited to high schoolers, or even adults, who feel lost, trapped by their past and worried about their future. It gives hope through God and he explains the plan of salvation well.

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