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Magnolia by Diana Palmer
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This book started off really good but couldn’t keep the pace. It was interesting to see the love triangle byplay, but it also put the hero in a bad light because he looked like an idiot for being in love with the un-worthy other woman for most of the book. She seriously made him look like a fool. I see that some of my friends have this book on their cheating and rake shelves, but there were no cheating in this book and the hero was definitely not portrayed as a rake. The kiss that took place between him and the other woman was forced upon him by her. He was just an honorable man that was still in love with his ex, but in no way was he a rake or cheated. I guess if you count emotional cheating as infidelity, then yes he was guilty of that. It was my first DP and an ok read for me.
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Aayesha Khatri Hope your next DP is better, and you come to love her as much as I do :)

LuvGirl Aayesha wrote: "Hope your next DP is better, and you come to love her as much as I do :)"

Thanks , it's funny looking back at my rating and review for this book because I always remember it with fondness, so it wasn't that I didn't enjoy it. I was just frustrated with the hero a little, but it made for great angst :))

Aayesha Khatri Hahaha that is exactly what happened with another DP book I read! Paper Husband - when I first read it, I didn't like it, I gave it a 2 star rating, but, like you, I remembered it with fondness later on. I reread it and imagine my surprise when I read my review - I hadn't liked it at all xD Yes, we do remember the heart-wrenching angst ;)

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