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The Man Who Never Missed by Steve Perry
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May 10, 12

really liked it
bookshelves: science-fiction

This novel came very close to not getting the forth star. It's a good idea and has "some" good action. Unfortunately it bogs down badly for about a third of the book. I'd say it comes in on the "lower edge" of the four star rating (again we can't give 3.5 so I have to compromise. Just life.)

I put this on my Science Fiction shelf, yet I know some will probably take certain umbrage at that. Maybe I should establish a "pulp science fiction" shelf???? Oh well, it's popular science fiction for you who have a tighter definition of science fiction...that's fine, I don't.

The book opens well, it's not what I'd call inspired but it's good and solid if a bit standard. You'll have seen some of the plot points before and the main character won't be a stranger but still as I've noted before, there probably isn't any such thing as a completely original story.

The book introduces us to Khadaji...yes in the future the people of the galaxy will apparently adopt the habit of the inhabitants of many fantasy woulds and begin using long mostly unpronounceable names full of consonants. He is running a bar called the Jade Flower when we meet him...well actually we meet him in the midst of a violent confrontation but very soon he's back to his day job, that of running the bar. Anyway at the Jade Flower Khadaji sells many varieties of intoxicating beverages and recreational pharmaceuticals. We follow our hero through a good action packed opening adventure (which I won't detail lest I ruin it for you) we then join him in a meditative state as he...thinks back, as he remembers.

Then the book drops back and the next third or so is a flash back. It tells us who Khadaji was and leads us through how he became what he is.

It's okay and it's a good idea. Sadly, for me anyway there are a couple of sections where I was going..."right, got it, move on". Still some of you may enjoy all this section more than I did.

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So, all in all a pretty good read (I mean I settled on 4 stars, right?). I bought the first 3 of this series all at once (they're used) so I'll probably go at least that far in said series. Hope it picks up a bit but still it's a book I can recommend.
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