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Invasion of the Boy Snatchers by Lisi Harrison
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Apr 21, 2011

it was amazing
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Read from April 21 to May 19, 2011

** spoiler alert ** So far out of all the clique books this is my FAVORITE book out of all the books! It is so far more Of an action packed one! Massie,Todd,and Mr.Lyons keep a secret for the first chapter 1/2 then they break the news at the country club that the Lyons are moving to Chicago (<----- proper adj.)! Massie just started to like Clair and Clair just started to like Massie. But now she has to leave everything she has and bring it to Chicago. Massie even cried so did Clair it was a FAIL! Massie said in her mind that Clair was the closest thing to a sister that she had ever had :) I Wish I had a friend that good!!!!____________________

I have totally changed my mind about this book! I was so wrong! IT IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN I THOUGHT!!!! So Clair and everybody else just got the news that they are moving to Chicago. Everybody but the dads are crying and Clair and Todd are going on a "hunger strike". Mr.Block is trying to talk Mr.Lyons out of moving so he talks to him in his office till 2:00am. Massie and Clair were sitting outside of the door the whole time waiting for them to come out and tell them Yes were staying or No were leaving. Soon they come out and Massie,Todd,And Clair crowd them waiting to hear an answer. He said they were still moving BUT they were leaving to get the guest house remodeled. So now the Lyons will be moving into the main house.
This book has been getting more and more awesome! Alicia's cousin Nina just moved in Alicia's house,Kristen has a BAD haircut, Dylan is fat, Massie has boy problems,And Clair wants to kiss a boy! They all have problems. Massie is getting mad at Nina because Nina likes Derrington witch Massie LOVES <3! And to get a date at the Love Struck dance the boys have to wear Velcro suits, and the girls get Velcro arrows and you shoot who you want to go to the dance with. Nina is telling Massie she is going to shoot Derrington and Nina says she has experience with arrows. Everybody says Nina is the most beautiful girl but who will he choose?And Kristen won't let anybody see her new haircut so she is wearing hats which are out of stile (in pretty sure that Massie has marks on her hand from Kristen slapping her hand away.) Dylan has gained 6lbs over spring break and people keep telling her she's not fat but she does't believe them. Clair wants to kiss her boyfriend Cam at the Star Struck dance and he keeps giving her hints that he wants to kiss her to! Confusing!

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