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The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf
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Apr 21, 2011

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By:Naomi Wolf Pages:291

The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf is a story about kicking the stereotypes of beauty about women. The author describes the universal thoughts of beauty and how people dont seem to realize that beauty affects women in society. Whether its talking about make up or body or style, women are always judged by how they look. Wolf suggests that even though we might want to end all of this compairing and overly made up women, that we cannot because this has always been this way and will always be thi way. She continues by explaining that beauty is more strong on the inside then whats on the outside. In ever section of this book, Wolf talks about how beauty is and has affected women. She talk about how the more "attractive" female will be hired over the average looking one. She also connects Beauty to the bible and talks about the story of Adam and eve and how it plays a part in beauty. This book explains beauty in many aspects of life and how it has impacted and continues to impact the lives of many women.
I would reccomend this book to both males and females, because the females will be able to relate to some of the things written about in this book and males will see what some women think about beauty in the different aspects of life. Before reading this book, it never occurred to me that beauty was such a big part of life. i never thought about it in the many ways which are presented in this book. It really changes your perspective on things and makes you think of beauty on a whole different level. It shows how many people take the concept of beauty really far and that like it or not beauty and being judged based on beauty is in society and always will be.

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