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Undue Influence by Anita Brookner
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Feb 24, 2008

did not like it

Why even bother? Anita Brookner just keeps writing the same goddamned book. Over and over and over. Surprise, surprise - the main protagonist is another one of those sensitive, bookish, brooding, pathetic, lonely unmarried women. Who pines for TRUE LUV.

And keeps on pining. And pining. And pining. And whining.

As with the other two Brookner novels I've read, somewhere around the 100-page mark, the urge becomes almost irresistible to reach into the book, smack the main character smartly around the head and scream "Snap out of it already! Have you even once, for a second, thought about interrupting your lifelong wallow in self-pity? About maybe doing some volunteer work? Just GET OVER YOURSELF ALREADY!!!!"

Same goes for you, Anita. Obviously you're a smart woman. Well able to string pretty sentences together. But, even more obviously, you need to get out more. Writing the same book over a dozen times really speaks to some unresolved issues, wouldn't you say?

Can you spell 'one-trick pony'? Nobody likes a whiny, self-pitying nag.

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William1 Respectfully disagree.

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