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The God Box by Alex   Sanchez
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Apr 21, 2011

Read in April, 2011

Paul and Angie have been dating since middle school, and as high schooler they both think they've got it all figured out. They both attend the same church, the participate in Bible club and are nice to every person whether or not they are nice back. Then, there comes Manuel. He just moved from another part of Texas, and is the first person in their school to openly admit he is gay and a christian. Can you see a problem there? Right as Manuel walks through the door Paul is instantly pulled toward him whether he liked it or not. Not really knowing where to turn, Paul begins to pray and read the bible like no other. He developes feelings for Manuel and realizes that he need to tell Angie, even if it's going to hurt her. After all this shinanigans happens, They try to start a gay-straight allience club for people in their school to come out and not be afraid, and even though they got rejected by many teachers and advisors they finally got what they wanted. The jocks were not proud of what their school was coming down to so they decided to track Manuel down and beat him with an iron bar. He was in bad shape as was in a coma for a very long time. This made Paul have feeling for him even more..but would Paul really accept the truth? would he go to hell for commiting a sin? The God Box is a really deep book. This book will make you think about not just your feelings toward you self (respect) but the feelings towards others mentally and physically. This is a good book for people who have tons of questions about sinning and what is/ what is not ok to do. Alex Sanchez went into good depth with bible verses that competed against eachother. There is also many different points of view that keep you thinking and that make you ask youself questions. The God Box is and intresting religious book that will probably answer most of your questions. (if you have any.)

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