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Born Again by Rena Marks
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** spoiler alert ** And where was the warning for rape???
Or at least for sexual abuse???
I'm really angry
She didn't wanted to have sex with Aric. Since she already had sex with Beau, I understood that Aric do not have a lot of time for... (we don't know why at this time of the book and I'm not going to waste my time reading about it), so he decide to used MIND CONTROL to make her having sex with him.

He stared into her gaze. The windows of her soul opened fully to him and he mentally whispered his thoughts.
Lose your reservations, Seraphina. You want me as badly as I want you, I know you do. Use me for your pleasure. Come to me, sweet. Don’t make me wait.

When a person say no and you mentally compel this person....well buddy it's call RAPE.

BUT HEY, IT'S DOESN'T MATTER SINCE HE MAKE HER FORGET EVERYTHING. Yeah, he 'justifies' himself with that one! What a gentleman!

Did not finish.
I did not chose to paid for that. I didn't chose to read about that, because I don't want to read some rape scene, especially when the victim's going to endup with the rapist (if she never remember that and that Aric never said anything, he deserve to be castrate; and if she remember or if he admit it to her and she forgive him, she's stupid and he deserve to be castrate.

EDIT: I try to continue. Not a success. She decide to date the two men, since she lust after the two. That's confirm, she's stupid and a two-timer.

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Tami Sinclair I have to disagree with this assessment of rape. Perhaps the writer could have made it clearer that the character really DID want to have sex with Aric, but it was against convention.

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