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Pathfinder by Orson Scott Card
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Apr 19, 2011

it was amazing
Read in April, 2011

Seen LOST? Like LOST? You’ll like Pathfinder. Card begins with two mismatched narratives - Ram a starship pilot in charge of the future of the human race and Rigg a lowly peasant boy who has a gift for hunting. Rigg’s father dies and then things start getting confusing: Rigg crosses the river and time seems to slow down....Rigg’s narrative breaks only where Ram is conversing with robots called expendables about how to preserve human life. This is no Matlock or Perry Mason episode where you pretty much have it figured out by the time the witness is called. Card makes you think. You may read and reread a passage and then when you think you understand - you don’t. Very original in the sense of time. Made me rethink the course of events in the Prisoner of Azkaban.

“Come inside,” said Umbo. “We can stay here- it’s a sanctuary for travelers, all the shrines of the Wandering Saint are. The only curse on it comes if we desecrate the place.”
“Desecrate?” asked Rigg.
“Poo or pee,” said Umbo. “Inside it, I mean.”
They were standing there in nearly complete darkness, just a bit of starlight seeping in through the door. There were walls. There was a floor.
“Well,” said Rigg, “I’d better go back out before I lie down on this very hard stone floor to sleep. In fact, since it isn’t raining, I think I’ll sleep outside.”
“But . . .” Umbo began.
“You’ll be fine inside, if that’s where you want to be,” said Rig. “And I’m used to sleeping outside.”
“You’re rejecting the hospitality of the saint?”
“On the contrary,” said Rigg. “I’m preserving the holiness. Of this place. Because I intend to poo and pee all night" (47).
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