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The Roots of Obama's Rage by Dinesh D'Souza
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Nov 30, 14

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Between the title and Obama's menacing expression, this book is indeed provocative. D'Souza hypothesizes that Obama's detached demeanor to the plight of the American people results from his anti-colonial dreams from, you guessed it, his father. As America loses economic strength and his administration gives money to Brazil for offshore drilling (while not issuing permits here to drill), Obama is well aware that his policies are re-distributing wealth from the colonizers to the colonized. He made his absent father's cause his own. We do not really hear much about Barack Obama Sr.'s life, so it was enlightening to hear biographical information (his wives, his children, how he died, etc).

This book is a LOT of speculation - D'Souza has no clinical or educational credentials to psychoanalyze Obama and any Freudian feelings related to his distant relationship with his father. D'Souza also speculates that Obama is not concerned about least in black and white terms defined in America. Instead, Obama understood how this divide exists in America and used it to his political advantage to get so many people (both blacks and white) on board for his election so he could fix inequalities between nations. D'Souza goes as far as to say it is his father's ghost in the White House.

If we think about Obama's policies from an anti-colonial perspective, some of his actions make sense. His bailouts can only make sense if he subsequently raises taxes on those businesses that benefited from them. Even if money raised from taxes is distributed in entitlements, it still is going to Americans ("colonizers"). D'Souza's argument is far from airtight. As this was published in 2010, it missed this year's union battles. I would be fascinated to see what D'Souza has to say about Obama's "true" beliefs on unions as one of his biggest campaign contributors was the NEA. D'Souza could be completely off-base that it is an anti-colonial mindset influencing his policy. We can never truly know Obama's intentions, as we could never the intentions of any American president.

Overall, a very polemic work that reads quickly. Read it with a very open mind. Don't dismiss it all...don't soak it all in as truth.

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