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Another Faust by Daniel Nayeri
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Apr 19, 2011

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I had actually pretty high expectations for this book. I enjoy a re-telling of classics like this one. Checkout Faust on Wikipedia if you're unfamiliar with this one. Selling your soul to the devil for a gift/wish can have great potential, for a storyline. I know Another Faust and it's sequel Another Pan have been pretty popular amongst YA teen books. So naturally I wanted to review them. Well, I wasn't that crazy about this book. I found Another Faust slow and hard to follow. The characters gifts were not really explained in the beginning, so this left me guessing a lot on what each teens specialty was. I liked the idea of the storyline and I felt the authors did an O.K. job in the beginning defining where each character was from. But setting up the plot, was kind of messy. Closer to the middle it started to fizzle for me, the characters and the plot. This book had a sadness about it, I can't explain it.

The teens would attend extravagant parties, theaters and even school where they would use their gifts on others, to manipulate and get what they wanted. This scenario became a little boring. Nothing ever really was climatic for me. Close to the very end was when everything happened, it became very clear which side each character was on and who Madame Vileroy really was. The constant arguing against the five teens became annoying. There always seem to be turmoil and fighting with each other in almost every conversation.

I did like several scenes. I loved the description of their NYC apartment. I liked how you actually felt the coldness and utter depravity of Madam Vileroy. My favorite character was Bicé, she was the quietest one. However, you could tell there was more to her, than meets the eye. Sadly, the authors did not develop her character as they should have. I loved the fact that she came out her shell somewhat and realized her strength closer to the end of the book.

I know that when it I read a paranormal book, I want tons of action, romance and tense moments. I know every book will not have a perfect mix of all those things. I did feel this book could have used a little more of those things. If you like a slow paced paranormal, you will probably enjoy reading Another Faust. As for me it was just O.K., I believe the authors missed a great opportunity this book, it had great potential. Again, just a little slow for me. I will read Another Pan, I am curious to see if that book meets more of my criteria. Hmmm, I wonder what classic tale that one is about?


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