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Nightlight by The Harvard Lampoon
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Apr 19, 2011

it was amazing

Okay, so let me start with the fact that, yes, as shocking as it may be, I have read Twilight. So, after reading my review of this awesomely genius book, you can't use the excuse of, "You haven't read it, you don't understand!" I have read it. So, to all you Twilight fans, (And possible Harry Potter haters) I mean no disrespect in the following review. Your opinion is your own, and you are entitled to it.


Sorry. I had to let it out. So, now that you know my opinion of these books, you will understand my excitement when I discovered this book. There I was, rifling through a pile of books at a second hand book sale, and I stumbled across this wonderfully cool book. And let me tell you, it is... wonderfully cool.

Alright, confession time. This isn't exactly my book. Abigaile, my sister, is the one who found and bought this book. So, my above statement is quite false. One day, I successfully stole it from her bedroom and, when she asked about it, convinced her that she had simply misplaced it. And, she believed me. Which was pretty surprising.

Nightlight was an excellent parody to a not-so-awesome book. Belle Goose is actually really similar to the character Bella Swan. Pretty much everything Belle says in the book is just what Bella says at that moment in different words. It's completly hilarious to read and realize that this author is trying to make fun of this book when in reality he's just putting this book into different words, changing some plot details, and there you have it. A friggen' funny book.

If you have read Twilight, watched the movies or know any thing at all about this sparkly-phenomanon, you will most likely love this book. Now, for you Twilight lovers out there, I honestly can't say. If you are the laid-back type of fan, it's a possibility that you will find this quite humorous. If you are a hard-core, Team-Edward/Team-Jacob kill-a-member-of-team-that-isn't-the-one-you-like type of fan (who is also easily offended) there might be a possible chance that you might not like this book, maybe. So... if you are one of those fans and you read this book and you hate it, I, Austin, am not responsible for this. So, you cannot do horribly awful things to me. Because Twilight may have sparkly vampiers, shirtless werewolves, and creepy human-vampier hybrids who age insanely fast, but us non-Muggles have wands, man-horses, cloaks that make you invisible, and Emma Watson.

Edwart is right. Nintendo is better then Atari.

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Gabrielle Carolina Nash I have been wanting to read this, glad to hear it's funny!

Reading Teen Gabrielle wrote: "I have been wanting to read this, glad to hear it's funny!"

Haha, yeah, Austin just loved it!!

Alexis It's less shocking that you have read Twighlight (which isn't for everyone) but very dissapointing that you have read Night Lite and gave it five stars. If you want to hate and laugh watch Bite Me- it's way better. :) Team Jacob Bia-!

message 4: by Emily (new)

Emily totally agree. i don't like twilight either, and i really, really, really want to read this book.

Reading Teen Emily wrote: "totally agree. i don't like twilight either, and i really, really, really want to read this book."


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