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Ender in Exile by Orson Scott Card
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Apr 19, 11

Read on April 19, 2011

Kyriakos Katsamakis
English 3
Period 6
Ender in Exile Review
In this science fiction book the main character, Ender Wiggin, cannot return to because countries would fight over who would get to use him. Instead of going to earth he is offered the governorship to the first human colony on a planet called Shakespeare. His older sister valentine decides to go with Ender because she is sick of being controlled by Peter, but also to get closer to Ender. On the way to Shakespeare Ender spends most of his time learning the names of the people who live there and about their lives. Immediately after the ship lands Ender takes control of the colony and wins them over. The point of view is told from Enders perspective.
Near the end of his term as governor, Ender tries to find a place for a new shipment of colonists. He wants the place to be far enough so the other colony won’t compete with them and so they can develop separately. While looking for this new place Ender stumbles upon some sort of structure that was left by the Formics, an alien race that was wiped out by Ender. When he goes to investigate he finds a pupa of a living formic hive queen that is prepared to make hundreds of thousands of babies. This leads him to write a book called The Hive Queen. It is about the formic war and the annihilation of their race from the formics point of view. Ender then resides as governor of Shakespeare and leaves for another colony named Ganges. Over there he encounters the antagonist of the story, Randall Firth, who believes that he is the son of Achilles and wants revenge for his father’s defeat. Ender now has to deal with Randal who spreads propaganda against Ender.
There two main conflicts in this book. The first is man vs. man. We see this with Randal and Ender. Randal spreads propaganda accusing Ender of Genocide. Randal even tries to get Ender to kill him to show how violent and dangerous Ender is. The second type of conflict is man vs. self. We see this when ender discover the hive and he remembers that he destroyed the formic race. He feels bad and guilty for what he did and that’s what causes him to write the book.
The theme of this book is power and the struggle for it. We first see this when Admiral Morgan, who is the captain of the ship that takes ender to Shakespeare, wants to weaken Enders power and take over the colony that Ender is supposed to be governor of. If Ender doesn’t go along with Admiral Morgan plan he wants to kill him. We also see this with Randal. Randal wants to get revenge against Ender by trying to kill him and strip him of his power as governor.
The writing style of this book is easy to read but has a deep meaning behind it. “Leading is a strange thing. People see it happening, but they don't have a clue how it works... They don't see what a leader does, they just see how everybody respects a good leader, and they want to have the attention and respect without understanding what you actually have to do to earn it... You can't lead people you don't know or at least understand... If you don't know what your soldiers can do, how can you lead them into battle and hope to succeed? The enemy, too, you have to know the enemy."
This is an entertaining book that was interesting to read. I recommend it to anyone who read the shadow series. If you haven’t I recommend that you read the shadow series before this.

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