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Indigo Children by Lee Carroll
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Mar 12, 08

OK i approached this book oin the recommendation of a friend, who is very much into new age philosophy, as am i.However this book is the biggest piece of garbage i ever spent money on. The whole philosophy of this book is that kids now are different than prior generations, which i tend to agree with.Their pproach to raising such kids is to basically put the control into their hands. One such idea was to "sell" a child time with something they enjoy, like TV or video games.They even thought it marvelous when one child began to ask every time he was told to do something, "how much time will i get on my Nintendo?" This is dangerous thinking.In such a situation the control no longer belongs to the parent, but to the child. If the parent said "none" would the child be allowed to decline the request? Not in my house, let me tell you! Further the authors encourage parents to explain every detail of why they are doing everything to their kids, right down to telling a baby why they are changing their diaper!

This kind of thinking only leads to children who think only of themselves and how everything affects them. I'm not suggesting that children should be seen and not heard, however kids are not adults and should not be treated as such, no matter what some new age guru (who freely admits that she never had any kids of her own) may say.
This book is the self help version of snake oil in my opinion. Sounds great at first but after closer examination, its really nothing but a sham.
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message 1: by [deleted user] (last edited Mar 13, 2008 12:02PM) (new)

LOL! I enjoyed the scathing review. I despise most parenting books in general. Although I do agree with you that children are not adults and should not be treated as such, I would add that they should not be talked down to. I hate seeing parents do that, and worst of all are those who parent like army generals. I sure would hate to have a relationship like that with my kids.

Parents really don't need books to help them parent. All they need is to use some common sense, and to treat their children with as much love, kindness and respect as they expect to receive in return.

Fun review!

Sherrie I agree with you - i hate drill sargent parents!But by the same token, there are times when endless explanation is not required.I actually know kids who use this against their parents - they force them to go into lengthy explanation of why they have to do something until the parent gets so frustrated that they just give up.

Likewise with the selling your kid time in return for obeying directions.What are you teaching a kid when you do that? The real world does not work that way!It's a set up for some big time disappointment when they grow up.

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

You won't get any argument from me on that. It's an insane concept. I hope not too many parents are taking that advice to heart.

Christina I couldn't agree more! I won't even finish it because of the sheer stupidity of it all! Sadly, it was recommended to a teacher in my school because by a parent with a ”special” child. Yeah, sorry but I don't believe children are born with the self-entitlement issues that are described. If perhaps parents spent time parenting instead of treating their princess or prince like a princess or prince we wouldn’t be having these issues and the need to explain away behaviors.

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